Editors Pick: Black-Owned Clean Beauty & Wellness Products We Love

This year, we’ve seen an outpouring of support for the Black community, and with a surge of solidarity, bare minimum efforts fall somewhere between virtue signaling and performative activism.

This holiday season, we’re challenging our peers to put their money where their mouths are by donating directly to funds that support the movement, and buying from black-owned businesses. To help you do this, we’ve carefully curated a list of some of our favorite Black-owned clean beauty and wellness brands and the products that we love. Take a look!

,,Plenitude Revitalizing Cream – Rose Bourbon

Pléntitude Revitalizing Cream - Rose Bourbon

Pléntitude’s Revitalizing Cream Deeply Hydrating Moisturizer is perfect for winter days and night. It’s nutrient-rich oils derived from hibiscus, carrot, and strawberry will treat your skin to some much needed vitamins, anti-oxidants, and amino acids.

,,Butter by Keba – Lotus Nut Body Butter

Butter by Keba- Lotus Nut Body Butter

Butter by Keba Body Butter goes the extra mile by including grape seed and bran oils, which are known to provide antioxidant elements that promote anti-aging in their butters. The Lotus Nut scent is our favorite because it’s a little tropical and a little floral all at once, which provides a subtle yet unique scent.

,,The Honey Pot Company – Organic Regular Tampons

The Honey Pot Company Organic Regular Tampons

Recent studies have found that several tampon brands contain harmful carcinogens and ingredients found in paint strippers. Honey Pot Co. certified organic and free from pesticides, chlorine, dioxins and synthetic materials. Their packaging is also 100% recyclable, which means these tampons are safe for you and the planet.

,,Ilera Apothecary – Hydrating Body Wash

Ilera Apothecary Hydrating Body Wash

This 100% natural body wash contains shea butter to nourish your skin and Vitamin E oil to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but the most enticing aspect of these body washes are the scents. Derived from natural extracts and oils, these scents will boost your mood as you nourish your skin.

,New Secrets Tea – Detox Me

New Secrets Detox Tea

It’s safe to say that immunity is a top priority for all of us this year. This caffeine-free blend by New Secrets does double duty by removing toxins from your body and bolstering your immune system all at once. It’s available as a loose leaf or in sachets, and the red-hued ingredients include hibiscus, elderberries, rooibos, and rosehips.

Garner’s Garden – Kid’s Mouthwash and Tooth Powder Package

Garner’s Garden mouthwash and tooth powder are highly effective at directly addressing odor-causing bacteria in your child’s mouth rather than simply masking it. And in the season of endless candy, owning this set will put your mind at ease.

Bevel – Shave Kit

Bevel Shave Kit

This stylish Bevel Shave Kit is a great gift for the men in your life this season. It includes a safety razor, shave brush, priming oil, shave cream, balm and blades. If you know a man who struggles with ingrown hairs or just wants a cleaner shave, this is the gift for him.

,Freedom Apothecary – Berlin Skin Coconut Aloe Cleanser

Freedom Apothecary - Berlin Skin Coconut Aloe Cleanser

Every ingredient in Freedom Apothecary’s Berlin Skin Coconut Aloe Cleanser serves a purpose. The aloe soothes, the coconut oil softens and is naturally antibacterial, the dandelion prevents acne, and the geranium tightens the skin. Not only that, but the cold-pressed essential oils relax the senses and make using this cleanser an aromatherapy experience. It’s a true treat.

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