5 Signs That Your Skin Is Telling You to Eat Healthier

In the world of Chinese medicine, it is widely believed that your skin is a representation of your inner health. Your diet plays a large part in that inner health, so it would stand to reason that your skin might be telling you to change your ways if inner issues start, ahem, “coming to the surface”.

We’ve put together a little list of skin issues that might go deeper than a clogged pore might suggest so that you can shift your focus from the external problem to the internal source. Check it out!

The Problem: Pimples around the lips

Breakouts on the skin immediately surrounding your lips could be indicating a more surface-level dietary issue. Most of the time, foods you eat need to be more internalized and digested before showing up in zit-form, but not when it comes to pimples around the lips. They may indicate that you’ve been eating too much greasy food, simply because greasy foods can clog pores before ever going through your intestines if they make contact with your skin first. Deeply oily anything is likely to result in breakouts when applied to the face, and the messiest foods are often the oiliest.

The Takeaway: Slow down on deep-fried foods.

The Problem: T-zone Zits (on the Forehead and Nose Bridge)

This issue is worth your attention, but it could be due to a number of different reasons. While it could be something non-dietary like stress, it’s highly likely that your digestive system or liver is speaking through your skin right now. This could be a symptom of a stressed-liver, a food allergy, or irritable bowel syndrome. Basically, unless you’re going through puberty, this area is indicative of something that’s more than skin-deep.

The Takeaway: Cut back or detox from alcohol, dairy, fried foods, and anything else that might be a stressor to your liver or digestive system. Also, don’t eat right before bed, as late night digestion can play a role in this as well.

The Problem: Puffy or Dark Under-eye circles

Yes, it’s very possible that you might just be tired. But you may also have a sluggish kidney or bladder, or you are likely dehydrated.

The Takeaway: Up your water intake. You can make this easier by determining how many times you’d have to fill up your water bottle every day to get a proper amount. If you have a 20 ounce bottle and you’re a woman, for example, you’d need to drink 4.5 bottles a day to meet your 11.5 cup daily need.

The Problem: Hot Ears or Breakouts on Ears

Skin issues on your ears are likely related to your kidneys. So be kinder to them!

The Takeaway: Up your water intake and try to drink less coffee and alcohol.

The Problem: Acne on the Jawline and Chin

If these breakouts are always making an appearance around your period, they are likely hormonal. But if they’re occurring at less specified intervals, issues with the kidneys could be to blame as well as dehydration.

The Takeaway: There isn’t much you can change about your diet to help curb hormonal acne, but if it is related to your kidneys in some way, up your water intake. I know this tip is getting repetitious, but when in doubt, drink lots of water!

In short, if you are experiencing breakouts that mystify you, eating healthier can only help you out. Be good to your body and it just may thank you by clearing up your skin.

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