The Best Vegan Lip Products to Try in 2021

Your mask hasn’t left much room for your lips to shine in 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of the mask-free days that 2021 will hopefully provide!

With this carefully curated list of vegan lip products, you’ll be able to have a cute kisser that’s totally cruelty-free. Check out these items if you want to be prepared for the day that you can safely unveil your perfect pout in public!

Pacifica Glow Stick Lip Oil

This vitamin E and jojoba packed moisture stick gives you a juicy “blur” of color for when you want to enhance the beauty of your lips from the inside AND the outside. Shades like Pale Sunset and Rosy Glow offer a light but bright wash of color that will liven up your day time look in a flash.

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Buffalo Gal Organics Lip Balms and Scrubs

Buffalo Gal Organics only creates products from organic, vegan, and ethically sourced ingredients, and their lip balms and scrubs are as simple and clean as it gets! We recommend the Sweet Cinnamon Scrub to slough off any dried skin before bed, and the Cardamom Rose for daily moisture touch-ups.

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Tatcha Camelia Gold Spun Lip Balm

This product is a bit of a splurge, but if you love a naturally hydrated lip with a touch of glamour, this might be the only balm you’ll ever need. This pot is filled with 23 karat gold flakes that can be crushed into your lips when you apply it for an outstanding touch of shimmer. Users say it looks amazing in photos.

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Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask in Plum Blossom

If you are looking for a product that works for you during the day AND in your sleep, this Lip Sleeping Mask is for you. It is made with antioxidant rich plum blossom extract and hydrating muru muru butter, and it has a non-sticky finish that will lead you to gorgeous lips.

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Lime Crime Lip Pops Satin Lipstick in Firecracker

Lip Pops are lightweight and hydrating, with the option to build up the color if you want more vibrancy. But choosing a universally flattering shade like Firecracker will light up your lips any day of the week with a single swipe.

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Cheers to 2021, beautiful! We can’t wait for the days when it’s safe for you to share your smile with the world!

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