The Do’s and Don’ts of Mask Layering

The Do's and Don'ts of Mask Layering

Who doesn’t love a face mask? They have the magic ability to solve our skin issues while cuing us to relax all at once. But if you only have one at home face mask that you use, chances are you’re doing it wrong. We are complex creatures and sometimes we need a more complex facial mask routine to address our skin concerns. That’s why layering is so important when it comes to facial masks. Read on to learn the do’s and don’ts involved in layering masks for optimal skin.


Do Exfoliate Before You Use Any Masks

Exfoliating your skin ahead of time will help you slough off dead skin so that you maximize the benefits of your masks. A gentle exfoliator like Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel will sweep away dead skin and penetrate deep into your pores with multi-fruit AHAs so that you’re perfectly prepared for your masks.


Do Choose a Mask for Each of Your Skin Concerns

If crows feet are popping up on your face along with adult acne, you should know that you need to separate these issues into multiple masks. Choose a clay or mud-based mask that can dry the excess sebum in your pores to address your acne, and a hydrating anti-aging mask to address your wrinkle concerns. If you’re worried about adding too much moisture to your skin overall in your time of breakouts, choose individual under eye masks that can plump up and hydrate your fine lines while avoiding contact with your trouble areas. We recommend Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift Algae Masks by Juice Beauty.


Don’t Use a Clay Mask Before a Soft Mask

A soft mask is any mask that hydrates or soothes, and to ensure that a soothing soft mask is absorbed into your skin properly, you’ll want to use it before your clay or mud based mask. Using a soothing soft mask first will allow your skin to be prepared for a stronger, clearing mud mask. For example, you could start out using the Dr. Haushka Soothing Mask and follow up with a mud mask like Kinship Mint Mud.


Don’t Be Afraid to Use Different Masks For Different Areas

If you have true combination skin and know that you need to address aging skin in one area and dry out pores in another, trust your instincts. It’s likely safe to apply a soothing mask everywhere, but you can apply a firming anti-aging mask like Youth to the People’s Superfood Skin Reset Mask on your smile lines only, and then follow up with a clay mask that you use as more of a spot treatment before committing to a full application. Starting out with caution is never a bad thing, and you can always move to a bolder application next time if you think it’s needed.


Happy layering!

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