How To Prep Your Skin For Winter

Without a doubt the harsh winds and cold temperatures take a toll on our skin. The natural oils that make our skin soft soon grow dull and flaky. Nobody wants to have cracked skin, so it’s imperative to take the necessary measures to prepare. I’ve put together a few ways to ensure that you’re ready for the winter season.

Regular Exfoliation

Believe or not exfoliating is an important part of maintaining the health of our skin. When there is a buildup of dead skin cells, the potential of our skin’s glow is limited. This buildup can also lead to congestion and breakouts. Making sure you exfoliate 1-3 times per week will ensure that you skin is free to fully absorb moisture from your skincare products. This is especially important during the colder months when your body needs to maintain proper hydration levels.

Step up your moisturizer

One of the simplest steps you can follow to make sure your skin is hydrated during the winter is swap out your moisturizer. Now is the time to incorporate thicker formulas that have ingredients like shea butter that will combat the dryness is the air.

Wear SPF: Yes, you need to wear sunscreen all year round. Those treacherous UV rays are still out there even if the forecast may be less sunny. A safe sunscreen that contains zinc oxide will help keep you protected. Wearing protective hats and clothing will also do the trick in addition to being fashionable.

Choose the right cleanser

Your choice of cleanser plays a role in how your body maintains moisture. The wrong cleanser can strip your skin of the natural oils it needs. Over time you can develop dry skin which can lead to wrinkles and visible lines. A cleanser perfect for winter contains ingredients such as glycerin that act as moisturizing agents to combat the drying effects of other ingredients.

Use a sugar scrub on lips

Chapped lips are one of the horrors of winter time. No one likes dry, flaky lips. Use a natural sugar scrub to fix this issue, it’s easy! Just simply take regular sugar and mix it with some coconut oil. If you want, you can also add some honey which has numerous healing properties. Follow up with your favorite hydrating lip balm.

Well, there you have it! Now you are well equipped for this winter. Even if Jack Frost nips at your nose, you’ll have a fighting chance. Ha!

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