The Surprising Ways Catnip Can Benefit Your Sleep, Skin Health and More

If you have a kitty or follow cat accounts on Instagram, you know that catnip can cause some pretty frenetic feline reactions. Those little furballs get wild and rambunctious whenever the dried herb is introduced, don’t they?

Surprisingly, catnip has the exact opposite effect on humans. You may know this from personal experience, because many “sleepy blend” teas actually include catnip in the mix. Who knew, right? Catnip itself is from the mint family, and often those teas will pair it with other mint varieties within the blend. The thing is, catnip is, a) probably something you’re already ingesting and, b) highly beneficial to your wellness in a variety of ways. Let’s get into it!

For Sleep or Anxiety

As mentioned above, many sleep teas feature catnip as a key ingredient. But why? Well, the stems and leaves contain a strong compound called nepetalactone. While this is the exact herbal element that makes cats react in all sorts of energetic ways, it’s also the thing that leads to a sedative and calming effect in humans.

If you are looking for help with insomnia or anxiety, try a tea that prominently features catnip like Sakara Sleep Superherb Tea. It blends catnip with lavender and chamomile and claims to calm users and help them fall asleep faster while getting a more restorative sleep.

For Skin Health

Catnip is best enjoyed as a tea, so if you’re already enjoying some nighttime tea, you may achieve some skin benefits from it as well. Namely, a decrease in inflammation, as catnip is an anti-inflammatory herb. You can also use cool catnip tea directly on minor scrapes and wounds, as it is a natural antiseptic. If you are hoping to use catnip for this purpose, it’s best to use pure dried catnip to get the full effect. You can find full dried bags here.

For Digestion

If you have digestion problems or even IBS, drinking catnip tea could reduce the gas and bloating that may be plaguing you. Drink your tea in the evening and you’ll be able to wind down without any, ahem, “dinner digestion issues”. You can also buy it as a supplement if the tea doesn’t suit you.

For Natural Bug Repellent

If mosquitos love you so much that you fear your blood is made of syrup, I’d try using catnip to repel them. Some say that it works as well as DEET without any of the harmful health side effects! Try using the Catnip Hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can spray it on yourself to repel bugs and even on your pillow for added relaxation at night.

Enjoy the wide array of catnip benefits, kitty girls!

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