The Benefits of Sage According to Herbalists

The Benefits of Sage According to Herbalists

Whether you are using it to cleanse your space or flavor your food, sage is a powerfully versatile herb. Sage has been used for healing purposes in various cultures for centuries, and any herbalist will tell you that the health benefits of sage have stood the test of time. Sage can be brewed into a tea, and drinking a cup or two a day can provide you with a surprising amount of benefits. Read on to see those benefits detailed below.


Sage is RIch in Vitamin K

One teaspoon of sage contains ten percent of the recommended amount of vitamin K that a person should ingest daily. Vitamin K is essential because it promotes bone health and healthy blood clotting.


Sage Promotes a Healthy Mind

Sage is full of antioxidants in general that can protect against free radicals, reduce cancer risks, and lower total cholesterol. But some of the polyphenols in sage that act as antioxidants in the body include chologenic acid, caffeic acid, rosmarinic acid, ellagic acid and rutin, all of which are linked to improving brain function and memory. Daily doses of sage in healthy adults have been shown to not only improve memory, but also increase alertness as well, which makes it an important tool for learning and retaining information.


Sage May Support a Healthy Mouth

The antimicrobial effects of sage can render the microbes that promote dental plaque useless. Sage oils and mouthwashes have both been shown to be effective in killing the bacterias and fungi that are typically responsible for causing cavities. Some also say that sage can be used to treat dental abscesses, infected gums, and mouth ulcers.

Sage Was Used Throughout History to Treat Anxiety & Depression

The scent of sage especially can lead to an improved mood and reduced anxiety. No wonder that burning it is associated with clearing away bad energy. Don’t feel like you need to buy anything fancy to get the mental benefits of burned sage. A simple bundle of dried garden sage will do the trick just fine.

Sage Is As Delicious as it is Nutritious

Whether you are adding sage to a hearty soup or a recipe for brown butter, it provides a savory earthiness that’s reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen on Thanksgiving. If you are looking to get the greatest amount of nutritional value from sage, brew it into a tea and slowly sip up the benefits.

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