Ask St. Eden: Are Natural Cosmetics Better?

Ask St. Eden: Are Natural Cosmetics Better?

Irene has recently made the transition to natural skincare and is looking to transition her makeup and other products as well, but the question as to whether natural cosmetics are really better lingers in her mind. Before she makes the switch, she’d like to #Asksteden


The short answer would be it depends on your values, your skincare goals, and your budget to determine what’s right for you. When natural (clean/green) beauty first came to the market, many people were skeptical. Would it perform well? Without the typical preservatives, would the shelf-life be shorter than the lifespan of a fly? Would it be irritating to sensitive skin? All valid questions.


But I believe, how brands source their natural ingredients and the packaging that is used to store the product are two of the main factors that determine the “safety” of the product to the environment; how safe it is for our bodies opens up a different conversation.


Often, the nontoxic or natural term suggests that the product is free from synthetic chemicals that may be linked to health problems or that many people get irritated by (or both), including fragrance, dyes, and certain preservatives such as parabens, but natural or organic doesn’t ensure healthier, safer, or better for your skin. These terms don’t mean hypoallergenic, and plant-based ingredients can still negatively affect sensitive skin, so the question remains; Why do people typically switch to natural cosmetics, and should you?

For one, it’s still perfectly legal in the U.S for beauty companies to use ingredients linked to cancer. YIKES! On the flip side, many people understandably assume that natural equals safe, and safe equals natural. Claims like ‘Chemical-free’ or ‘100 percent natural’ are often false (nothing can really be chemical-free.)


If you are looking to make the switch to natural cosmetics, my advice would be to be a more conscious consumer and look a little deeper into the company before purchasing or subscribe to sainteden.com where products are vetted for you, and you can rest assured that these products are safe for your body and for the environment.


Are you thinking of making the switch to natural cosmetics? Let us know in the comments!

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