5 Ways To De-Stress and Feed Your Soul

5 Ways To De-Stress and Feed Your Soul

We’re approaching the one-year “anniversary” of being smack-dab in the middle of a global pandemic; and while our mental health may have been hit in different ways during this period, we finally have reasons to be hopeful. So take some time to relax because there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and if you need some tips, here are some more ways to de-stress and feed your soul.


Move daily. Yes, it’s that simple. Go for a walk, do an at-home workout, heck, even some squats between Netflix binging will get the job done. Exercise and movement of any kind are essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, make sure you get up every 30 minutes to stretch your legs. The Stand Up App is a great tool for this.


Unplug. We’ve discussed this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. There’s a sense of peace and freedom you get when you unplug from social media, emails, etc. – whether for an hour or a day. I’ve been trying it in little spurts (baby steps) and I definitely notice benefits from doing so. Mindless scrolling truly serves NO healthy purpose.


Nourish your body with healthy foods. Stress-eating is a real thing. Eating that doughnut or bag of chips may feel good in the moment – but trust me, that feeling is fleeting. Instead, grab an apple with some nut butter or make an avocado toast. Healthy fats are filling, comforting, and healthy. Bananas are another great option – they contain tryptophan which is a type of protein that your body converts into serotonin, which is basically the brain chemical that makes you feel happy and relaxed.


Listen to music. One of the easiest ways to calm yourself when you feel the anxiety setting in? Put on your favorite tunes – seriously. Listening to music that you love decreases stress and increases your sense of personal control and well-being.

Call a friend or family member. Since I haven’t seen my friends in a year (!!!), the next best thing is a phone date. After catching up with a bestie, my heart is so full. It’s almost as good as seeing them in person and hugging them – kinda like a virtual hug for your soul.


Which of these de-stressing tools will you use? Let us know in the comments!

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