Welcome to St. Eden; our nature loving, eco-conscious, vegan friendly, fictional haven. St. Eden was created to fill a critical void in the marketplace. Research showed that consumers searching for toxin-free products review multiple sources to discern which brands are really safe, and due to misinformation often compromise their health for beauty. Since it’s conception, St. Eden has been committed to curating better lifestyle information, wellness and clean beauty products ranging from skincare and bath & body, to hair and makeup brands in an effort to transform the tedious review process. We bring all the information on safer and more conscious products to you first so that you can make better informed buying decisions.How We Help You

What you put on your body should be held to the same standard as what you put in your body. Our goal is to bring you valuable information and expert advice on your everyday skincare products as well as offer alternative, and more natural options to maintaining a toxin free lifestyle.

The lack of appropriate standards for organic cosmetics has enabled many manufacturers to take advantage of consumers misinformation. Most ‘organic’ labeled products contain up to 70% organic product but still contain harsh chemicals such as Parabens, SLS, and other preservatives. For this reason it is very important that we know the composition of the cosmetics that we use. Our efforts have helped several communities that rely on development of skincare products for their livelihood, and your support of us is ultimately your support of these small skincare businesses.

How We Help Others

We operate from the heart, and don’t believe in business without philanthropy. We support several small businesses that create handmade organic skincare products by helping these upcoming brands gain exposure on a much larger scale.

We want to help beauty product lovers make the most informed decision when choosing herbal and natural sourced skincare products, and encourage the practice of wellness activities like meditation and regular exercise that alleviate stress, and other factors that dim our youthful glow, so subscribe below to join the club! The best part, it’s all FREE.

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