• By Erika Summers

My 10-minute Skincare Routine With Only CBD Products.

In the past few months, you may have noticed a slew of new skincare products claiming the “calming, anti-inflammatory” benefits of CBD; some might even claim to fix your acne, WOW.

The ingredient has officially crossed over from being a wellness supplement to a beauty buzzword, but it’s not as simple as looking for “CBD” on your ingredients label and calling it a day. Nope!

There's a lot of murky marketing out there and more than a few false claims. For example, we’ve seen some major brands hop on the CBD bandwagon and blast it across their marketing channels when in reality, their products don’t contain any actual CBD at all.

To weed-ucate" you, I've put together an entire skincare routine with only CBD products that takes about 10 minutes to apply.

First off, enjoy the rich full lather of the Cannuka Body Bar, for a really deep cleanse and a silky-smooth finish. Towel dry, then apply a light drop of the Green Tansy Face Oil and follow with the CBD Face Cream

If you have really thin brows like I do, and choose not to wear makeup, you can use the Milk makeup Kush Fibre Brow Gel to wake them up a bit. Last but not least, I use my CBD eye serum to diminish all the dark circles, and puffiness that arose from writing this article - Kidding!

Top off with a good lip balm and Le fini! You're good to go.

How long did the entire routine take you? Let me know in the comments below

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