• By Erika Summers

How You Should Be Spending Your Sunday

In this modern digital age, it's nearly impossible to find time to completely tune out the world, and tune into your own mind, but then God invented Sundays. Today take out 90 Minutes not to do anything at all, but just to sit still without checking your watch or smartphone. No sleeping, or eating or moving in anyway.

Just like your computer needs restarting, every now and then, so do you. We are thrown into constant chaos the minute we open our eyes and delve into life. People yelling; Horns blaring, anxiety, worry and tension outside our bodies on a day to day basis.

Inside our bodies, it's peaceful. Today let your mind and your body be in unison.

Radiate that peace, and tranquility that comes from still silence, and don't hear, but listen for the quiet sound of your breathing; of your heart beating.

You are alive.

That is all that is important in this moment.


#wellness #tips

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