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5 Myths about Organic Makeup

...and a few of our favorites.

So you've been thinking about doing the whole healthy thing. Joining the vegan bandwagon, and nothing wrong with becoming eco-conscious overnight either, but you and I know you are not letting go of your makeup bag of products probably worth hundreds of dollars; nothing wrong with that either, but if you have been considering going the organic route, I just want to ensure you know the facts and fiction of the makeup game.

Organic Cosmetics don't Work

A lot of women get confused by natural products. They look at the ingredients and think, not strong enough to give the look you're looking for. I dunno, its just something about a specially formulated blend of toxic chemicals that seems to put peoples mind at ease :D Advertising and marketing are very powerful myth-creating mediums. The best products for your skin are those that are jam-packed with healing, soothing, rejuvenating ingredients that are as clean and natural as possible. Your body recognises these ingredients — like coconut oil, aloe vera leaf juice, pomegranate, calendula, and so on — and actually knows what to do with them, because they are completely natural.

Organic Cosmetics are always Safe

Hate to break it to you, but the term "organic" in the world of cosmetics, really means nothing—nothing at all. There are still no FDA-approved standards for labeling cosmetic products as organic; nor is there an agreed-on definition from the cosmetics industry, so no, cosmetics labelled "organic" aren't always safe, and cosmetics with synthetic ingredients aren't automatically bad either. There are good and bad ingredients in both categories, so instead of falling for who has the best marketing gimmicks, learn what to look for on your labels. Subscribe to St. Eden :-)

Organic Makeup is Expensive

I'd say that's not all the way true. Organic cosmetics are usually somewhere in the middle, between the absolute cheap supermarket brands, and the exclusive, big name brands that spend gazillions on advertising and marketing (which you pay for when you buy the products). In actuality, certified organic skincare products are usually concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Which brings me to the next myth

Organic Makeup Doesn't Last Long

Refer to Myth #3

Organic Makeup is Boring

When organic makeup first became a 'thing' there was a lot of talk about the makeup being boring as most of it came in only bland, earthy colors. Today that is far from the case. I'll list a few of my favorite brands will show you just how far organic makeup has my next post :-)

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