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St. Eden Product Crushes Of The Month

Believe it or not, when we're not fighting Parabens, or trying to catch sodium laurete sulfate in products, we are actually picking out our favorites! :D

See what products made our August list


It was a hard vote but number 1 crush on our list is the Alba Botanica Face Cleanser. I love the sound of 'pineapple enzyme' in the morning. Not quite sure what it means, but it works! It's amazing how Alba Botanica products still do not have their own store. You can find their products at any whole foods, sprouts, or online. and for $5.09 you can get it from

The Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum is new to me. I heard about Mad Hippie Products, and because the name was so cool, I figured I had to try it out. I don't go to sleep without my Vitamin A serum. I just sleep better now.


As much as Dr. Alkaitis products do their job, they are on the pricey side. At $65, I would label them luxury organic. My rule of thumb; eye creams are not a necessity, but if you must get one, then get a good one, and Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream is the best one.


We tend to forget our lips because its such a teeny part of our body, but lip lives matter too! A daily or bi-weekly exfoliation of the lips, and moisturizer will set you up for a good lipstick day. I choose Burts Bees Strawberry - Lip Balm because well, it's kind.


I started using Burts Bees because I had never seen a product so 'nice'. In the world of skincare, burts bees is the nice guy. I liked that the Citrus and Ginger Body Wash had no toxic agents, but I like to lather up when I shower, and this product didn't give me that feeling, however it did the job, and that's what matters.

Dudu Osun Bar Soap

This really should be number 1 on the list, as i'm yet to come across a bar soap that made me feel better than Dudu Osun.

Face Mask

The Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask is a winner in my book when it comes to tired skin. Think about how much you put your body through on a daily basis. Sometimes I find that if my skin is tired, it doesn't take makeup well. You need a good pick-me-up and the Cup O' Coffee from Lush Cosmetics gives you the kick you need every time.


You need a Toner thats going to do its job, and that's bring zen in the chaos. Your skin takes on so much during the day. Heat, Sun, Cold, Stress and various other factors that could affect your skin zen. Think of a toner as just that; your skin zen. I'm currently crushing on the Tea Tree Water Toner. I love that it's got tea tree, which works great in the prevention of acne. If you have problematic skin, you need a good toner because your skin is more prone to imbalances and the tea tree toner from Lush Cosmetics does a good job at its job.

Our number 8 on the list is the Derma E Purifying Youth Serum. I have to warn you, this one's a bit on the pricey side for just a little bottle. I've only used this serum for a few weeks and it almost didn't make the list, but in only a short time, the look and feel of my skin has improved by at least 40%. I avoided big department stores like Ulta Beauty and Whole Foods, and Sprouts, and got it from Amazon. It's $16.99 compared to the $30 ticket in the big beauty stores.

If you have a product you've been curious about, and want to see the product reviewed, let us know. Simply comment in the box below. We take your suggestions very seriously :-)

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