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The Beauty in Hardwork. Sweat Your Way To Clear Skin

What a Good Workout Really Does.

There are plenty of reasons to exercise, and for many, maybe its because you just booked that 4-day beach vacation, and can't wait to show off on theGram, but for others it's just staying healthy and keeping fit. The by-product however for a working up a good sweat on a regular basis, start to show over time, and heres why working up a sweat has its perks.

You get an Instant Glow: Getting blood pumping around your body, gets oxygen circulating around the areas that need special attention. When you get your heart pumping with aerobic exercise, you're supplying your skin with a nice dose of oxygenated blood.

Clears away Acne: If you're still not convinced to workout today, this reason is sure to send you to the gym. Sweating cleans out your pores. Regular workout actually corrects the hormonal imbalance that can cause acne, and unclogs congested skin. Do not wear makeup to exercise (it defeats the point)

Healthier Hair: If you've learned anything from this post, it's that blood circulation is always a good thing. Improved blood flow helps keep your hair stronger, and healthier and is a stress reliever.

Saturdays as well as Sunday mornings are for yoga. I like to get a 30minutes stretch in. I also enjoy light evening jog, or if I really feeling like working up a sweat, I go running on Runyon Canyon during the day. I've made exercise a daily part of my weekend routine, and my skin is visible proof of my healthier lifestyle.

If you really hate working out, the trick is to find something that is as fun as it is productive. Whether its kick boxing, yoga, cycling, soccer, whatever form of exercise you choose, make sure you're having fun!

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