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Our Natural Sunscreen: Melanin

This year the word 'melanin' has been quite a popular term on social media, but it's important we understand what it is, and what it's presence really means.

Melanin is a colored pigment and is one of several compounds that gives the skin it's color, so it's how we turn out to be whatever skin complexion we are. Melanocytes in our bodies, produce different types and quantities of melanin based on how much of it you inherit and in response to your physical environment, so if you live in an area where there is bound to be much more sunlight for example, you, like your ancestors before you are more likely to have darker skin from a higher concentration of melanin in your genes in response to the high sun rays.

Melanin absorbs the UV light from the sun rays. The more sun exposure, the more melanosomes are built, and the darker the skin gets, a process now popularly known as a Suntan.

So if you're thinking this, you're probably right. Melanin does provide a measure of natural protection from harsh sun rays, however no one is immune from skin cancer, and it is possible that the suns UV energy can overwhelm skins protective system. Takeaway? Light or Dark skinned, please wear sunscreen :-). Here are a few of my favorites

Alba Hawaiian Green Tea Sunblock - For only $7 get this online at Bettymills

Derma E Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen costs $19.75 on and specifically works well on oily skin

Natures Gate is another great brand, that is also affordable. You can get their mineral sport block sunscreen for $9.23 on

What sunscreen brands are you using? Comment below, and let us know!

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