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Why Glycerin is Your Skin's New BFF

It’s that time of the year when the sky is dull, the trees don’t bloom, and your skin is not only ashy again, but you’ve gotten lost in the many skincare and beauty product ads

Moisturizing your skin both internally and externally is a critical combination for healthy, beautiful skin. Julius Few, M.D, director of The Few Institute and professor at the University of Chicago says that a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work effectively, and when skin is hydrated, plump and elastic, it is less likely to crack. By consuming the proper amount of water needed every day, you can prevent some natural signs of dehydration, such as flaccid and wrinkled skin. You are recommended 8 glasses a day to keep your insides hydrated, but how do you keep your outsides hydrated? In the most natural way; by using moisturizers in conjunction with water.

By applying a moisturizer immediately after a shower, prior to drying yourself off, you are in essence “trapping” this water in your skin, hydrating it externally.

Look out for moisturizers that have ingredients such as glycerin that can bind with water and “trap” it

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