• By Erika Summers

The Magical Food for Under-Eye Repair

The countless eye-creams and serums can't be easily compared to natures own formula for diminishing under-eye circles. Make sure you are getting a good dose of the 'magical foods' as we like to call them. My favorite, Water and Vitamin K.

According to the Dr. Masuda and colleagues from Shiseido Research Center, dark circles under your eyes form because of poor blood flow. The researchers found that in the area of dark circles, blood flowed at a slower rate compared to the area in the cheeks. They also found more melanin production in subjects with dark under-eye circles.

Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables, so legumes like spinach, cabbage, kale and fruits, and it aids in the function of blood clotting proteins, meaning without it, you can bleed to death from a minor cut! Vitamin K also supports the function of Gas6, a specialized protein that regulates cell growth and cell proliferation.

When purchasing skincare for treatment of under-eye circles, you want to go for eye serums with a good amount of vitamin K in them.

Ditch the fancy stuff, that sell you more fluff and less product. The capillary strengthening Vitamin K serum from Queen Bee Cosmetics contains more than 75msgs of vitamin K in one bottle and can be found on Amazon for $37.28. I call this the topical skin salad because if you're not into eating greens, this is exactly what you need to have in your bathroom cabinet.

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