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St. Eden Product Crushes of the Month

It's that time again! when we share with you products we absolutely loved reviewing. All January, we tried different brands to come up with this wonderful list of goodies. Comment below if you had any products you thought were to-die. Everyone loves a sharer!

Rose Jam and Snow Fairy Shower Gel by Lush Cosmetics made Numero Uno this month. Something about this wash made me feel like a kid again, and the scent, oh so heavenly. Reminded me of christmas, oh wait, thats just around the corner! Lush always has a way of getting us in the holiday season vibe.

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint Collection by Tarte Cosmetics have been on my lips all month. Their colors go with just about anything. I'm a strong believer nude lips were made for fall, and my favorite lip paint shades to rock with fall wear are Namaste, Fomo, Manbun, Hangry, and tbt. Please comment below if I missed any that you love!

The luminizing Black Mask by Boscia is another favorite of mine. It's hard to believe that this super black mask, has brightening properties, but it contains vitamin C which helps brighten skin tone, minimizes fine lines, and defends against free radical damage. It also doubles up as an exfoliator. By absorbing excess oil, impurities and toxins. The inclusion of willowherb, helps calm skin inflammation and reduce visible redness and signs of inflammation. It's a perfect formula for sensitive skin.

You should exfoliate once or twice a week. I prefer to exfoliate every other day, and when I do it's with Derma E Exfoliating Scrub with Fruit Enzymes What exfoliating does, is it smooths away dull surface skin called to reveal 'new growth' as you can call it, or renewed radiant skin. The inclusion of fruit enzyme help detoxify and cleanse and remove those dull aging skin cells, keeping you youthful and beautiful.

The French Girl Floral Toner by French Girl Organics is so boutique, it's main shop is on Etsy. So much for 'luxury' because this french girl is NOT sitting pretty, but gets to work instantly in correcting skin PH and normalizing your skins oil production. For only $18, you are left with clearer complexion than before, and on my list of things I can live without, this french toner doesn't count.

The vitamin rich Organic Body Butter by Butter Babes is another Etsy brand that made our list this month, though this brand can now be found for $48 at their official store site as well as beauty stores like Safe and Chic . It's all the moisturizing you need in a cute little package, so miniature, it can fit in your pocket! All you need is a teeny amount.

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