• By Destiny

Matcha Me Baby

Matcha Matcha, everyones talking about it, but what do you know about it? It's not just green tea, it's more like super-green-tea.

Matcha is one of those Fads; like Sushi, or Yoga pants..You have to get it, to get it, and so I tried it for myself, first as a detox, and then as an antioxidant face mask.

My verdict, I'm still deciding which way I prefer, but I've ultimately concluded I need matcha in my life, and this all-natural Korean recipe can no longer be kept secret. Applying Matcha to your skin reduces sun damage because of the free radicals and anti-inflammatory effects. These anti-inflammatory effects also help in treating rosacea.

For your Matcha Antioxidant Face Mask, you'll need:




One egg yolk

Combine the four ingredients in a bowl and gently brush the mixture over your face, leave-in for up to 40mins. This matcha extract can help your skin stay looking it's best. Be sure to drink it regularly as well for the full benefits of this super food.

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