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Travel & Wellness Edition: Skin Care Essentials

When people think travel, many think beaches, sun, and palm trees, but that comes way after the stress of packing, checking and double checking that foot long to-do list.

Some travel light and leave the stressors to the flight, while others just can't figure out how to not have that zit pop up right before they land in tahiti

Breakouts, dryness, dark circles, and wrinkles make travel look not as easy as it was intended to be. The trick is to keep your skincare simple, no matter where you're headed. You’ll feel more prepared to take on your day and will be able to enjoy your well deserved vacation this summer.

We've listed five clean skincare essentials that are absolute must haves for your skincare routine this summer, so you don't have to worry about that while you’re exploring the world

Dry Shampoo

Whether you plan to travel to a cooler location or a tropical destination, dry shampoo is the perfect companion. The versatility in this one product can keep your hair looking healthy and full of life. Especially with all the options out there today, it’s so much easier to find something you love instead of opting for a low-end travel size product from your local drug store. Aim for something that’s light and specifically made for your hair color.

Check out this stunning Jasmine Rose Dry Shampoo from Wild Rogue Botanicals

All In One Moisturizer

The key to finding an all in one moisturizer is looking for something that will protect your face and body from the elements; dry heat, cracked and flakey skin, and UV rays. The perfect moisturizer is simply one that works for you, and knowing your skin type is the first step to finding the perfect moisturizer, but when in doubt go organic. Clean ingredients are always a good idea.

The facial moisturizer and body lotion from NaturalDeezeacs, is vegan 100% organic and my absolute must have when traveling.

Face Mask

Face masks are growing in popularity, and have become absolutely essential on a trip with your girls or even your significant other. Our significant others are getting used to us walking out the bathroom with a face full of green or black gunk, because the detox is totally worth it after a long day of congested airports and stuffy car rides for hours. Tucking a pink clay mask in your bag can not only open your pores to make you feel fresh and clean, it's also an excuse to take a moment to relax and destress after a long travel day!

Try this sensitive skin mask, organic and full of nutrients for your skin to soak up.

Essential Oil

Essential Oil is perfect for those who like to add a subtle hint of natural fragrance to their daily routine. Keeping a tube of floral and vitamin rich essential oil will not only allow you to smell great throughout the day, but it will also allow you to reap the benefits of aromatherapy on the go. Your skin will benefit greatly and I guarantee you’ll never leave home without your oils again!

Try a beautiful and fragrant scented oil such as LBApothecary’s Anxiety Young Living essential oil, perfect for those stressful travel days. It's easy to apply even on the go!

Read our post on other must-have essential oils you can stock up on

BB Cream

Something light and very versatile for makeup since most days you’ll probably not want to cake on the layers of expensive product to just sweat it off later. It's important to keep things light and fresh with a medium coverage BB Cream for those nights out that you want to amp up your inner glow. BB creams also double up as a moisturizer when laying out by the pool!

Add this raw and organic BB cream from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics to your carry-on, before you hit the road.

Happy Travels!

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