• By Keely Majewski

An Inside look at 'Bios Apothecary'

This holistic skincare, bath and beauty company based out of Long Island City, NY, has impressed us on a major scale. BIOS Apothecary create small batch of products; so you know right from the start that each product is concentrated with as much nutrients and love as possible before delivered to you.

It is this quality and care that reflects in every product they create and make them a brand to be reckoned with.

The ethos of this company exists within the word “Sattva” aka purity, as they believe in clean products that stray away from harsh chemicals. They believe that their customers should experience clean skincare; making self care and self love top priority in the lives of those they affect with their brand message.

All BIO Apothecary products are cruelty free so you can shop guilty free without worry of parabens, GMOS, artificial scents, or dyes, and not only are their products beautifully packaged, but the driving force of passion behind this brand immediately rises to a new level because they donate a portion of each purchase to sustainable urban agriculture initiatives in NYC, which in turn will help organic and healthy food growth for everyone, as well as ingredients needed to make natural skin care more affordable!

In a nutshell, BIOS Apothecary is seriously the whole package!

Their products include and are not limited to: Balms, Oils, Bath Teas, Skincare, Salts, and Flower Waters. Below we’ve included our top three favorite products from BIOS Apothecary, be sure to check them out yourselves!

Floral Bath Tea

This beautiful product is more than just looks, it’s made specifically to help you relax and relieve the stress of everyday life. It's strong notes of lavender, will help you feel at peace when you use this in your bath, and its nutrient rich herbs will not only make you calm and ready for your week ahead, but it will also restore your skin, help soothe irritations and dry patches of skin! Just remember to use code sainteden10 at checkout for money off

The White Willow Face Toner pinpoints the areas of your face that drastically need hydration without giving you the appearance of oily or greasy skin. It keeps your skin matte and looking fresh throughout the day and also helps keep your makeup in place even throughout a days worth of activity! With the white willow face toner, you’ll be sporting youthful skin and an inner glow that everyone will be asking about! Just remember to use code sainteden10 at checkout for money off

Cucumber Puffy Eye Serum is great for under eye application before bed or even under makeup in the morning to act as a primer. This product targets under-eye dark circles and uneven skin, while diminishing the look of tired eyes by stimulating circulation. It hydrates and firms your skin for a long period of time so you don’t have to worry about reapplying midday! Just remember to use code sainteden10 at checkout for money off

Curious for more? Check out their store:


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You can shop these products along with any others and get money off when you use code: SAINTEDEN10 at checkout. What are you waiting for?

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