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The Ultimate Guide To A Ravishing Spa Weekend

Is your skin dry? Do you stay thirsty often? Are you stressed because you are seemingly chasing time to do things that you end up not having time for? If you answered yes, to any or all of these questions, your body may be asking for a spa day.

Spa days are a thing now. Gone are the days where you had to include going to a spa on your long list of to-do items. Now you can bring the spa to you. Yes, in the comfort of your own bedroom - or bathroom. Don't ask where or how, let's just start planning your first one.

This DIY Avocado Mask Facial is a recipe for that tired skin of yours

All you’ll need is one whole ripe avocado and a spoonful of honey. Mix these ingredients until you have a smooth consistency. Lather on your face with either clean fingers or a clean makeup brush. Apply a generous amount and let it sit for 20-30 minutes before washing it off with cool water and a gentle washcloth to exfoliate. This mask seeps deep into your pores clearing your skin of impurities, and avocado is a super moisturizing fruit. This is a wonderful choice for those who have dry skin, because the active minerals and vitamins in an avocado will help give your face a younger appearance. Avocado is also known to reduce wrinkles, and making skin tighter.

Acne Fighting Milk Mask

For this, you’ll need half a cup of organic soy or almond milk, a tbsp of nutmeg, and a tbsp of honey. Mix until you have a thick consistency, add more honey if it’s too watery! While healing dry skin as well, this acne fighting mask is true to its name. It fights off acne, and so is a great exfoliator for those with acne ridden skin. Just scrub lightly in circles after wearing the mask for 15 minutes, and rinse with

cool water.

Wouldn't be a spa day without a refreshing drink now would it?

For the Refreshing Melon Spritz

Combine an equal amount of chopped honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe into a blender, with one cup of water, and a tbsp of fresh ginger. Once the mixture is blended into a frothy consistency, strain over the sink into a pitcher to remove pieces of fruit. Add cubed ice and cover while chilling in the fridge for one hour. Once fully chilled, mix the liquid and pour into some wine glasses (just as an extra touch since you deserve it)!

These fruits have a very high water content so when combined you have an all natural elixir that is perfect for cooling off in the summer heat. High levels of vitamin C will help keep your immune system strong.


Your lifestyle is simply the sum of your daily routine, and is the secret behind a great spa day. There are

three simple lifestyle hacks we’d like to leave with you before you start planning your spa weekend!

Keep a gratitude journal, a place to express yourself in a way that allows you to reflect on your day.

Plan your meals ahead. A great way to destress is to plan ahead. By indulging in the art of meal prep, you’ll be taking tons of weight off your shoulders when it comes to your daily routine. Choose one day during the weekend to dive in and start prepping meals for the week. This way you’ll have more time to stay focused on the things you really love during the week ahead!

Upgrade your fitness routine. Use the weekend and this spa day to experiment with different exercises

and workout routines. This will keep you fit and energized, for the rest of the week!

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