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An Inside Look At Prana Potions

Imagine skin healing makeup..

That innovation may not be that far in the future when you think Prana Potions. Prana Potions is on the cutting edge of healing cosmetics and plant therapeutics, and so of course we took an inside look.

Maile Melcher, the creator behind the brand has made a valiant effort to step up the range of products she offers and what they can actually do for your skin. The vitamins in the makeup products rejuvenate your skin, and continue to heal even after you take it off. Can you imagine?

A Hawaiian native, Melcher learned the secrets to becoming a Hawaiian herbalist and healer. She’s

used this knowledge to infuse her products with just the right plant nutrients that they will make a difference as soon as you put them on

Many of the Prana Potion products, contain the Kuku’i Nut Tree Sap. A sap specifically found in the Aleurites Moluccana tree that provides an amazing base to work with when creating cosmetics. It smells naturally fragrant and contains an abundance of nutrients aimed to make your skin soft and control any redness and irritation you may have.

Products are made in small batches and are of high quality. Melcher boasts that creating on demand is not always a bad thing, as this keeps standards at their peak.

Our particular favourite, the Prana Potions Herbal eye makeup comes in nine different shades, ranging from rusty oranges to black, and even yellow for a bit of pop. Melchers all natural eyeshadow help prevent clogged pores and creasing, and are on a whole new level when it comes to organic skincare. Prana Potions also has essential oils, cream pots for under the eyes, and cramp relief for that time of the month!

Will you be heading over to the Prana Potions Store? Be sure to follow them on social media @PranaPotions and place that order today

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