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In Season: Okra

Okra is typically in season from summer till early fall, and if you're West African or Caribbean, you may be a little familiar with the delicacy that is Okra soup. After digging much deeper, we found that this gooey vegetable is not only favored for its great taste, but its health benefits are another reason why its been such a specialty amongst Africans and Caribbeans for decades.

Because of its unique texture, it's often used as a thickener, and added to stews like gumbo in the southern part of the United States. It's rich in vitamin A and other antioxidants that keep your skin fresh and healthy. Some say its great for babies, when they begin to eat solids and have been a common source of nutrition for many kids in Africa, once they get of age, but the benefits don't begin there. Pregnant mothers drink the okra water or use it as a thickener in cooking as a way to prevent neural defects in their unborn babies. The nutrients found in Okra also prevent skin pigmentation, and because it's a rich source of dietary fibre, it helps for good digestion, thus promoting healthy glowing skin.

In addition to its skin benefits, Okra is also great for hair. It's an excellent moisturizer for dry and itchy scalp, so you know its keeping dandruff away. and when used as a hair rinse, it gives it a shine that can't be bought in over-the-counter hair conditioners.

Boil some okra in water, and use the transparent mucilage as a hair rinse or as a substitute for your conditioner, and thank us later

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