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What is Dry Brushing for the Skin?

Tina Alster, the director of the Washington Institute of of Dermatologic Laser Surgery and a clinical professor at Georgetown University says that rubbing the skin—with a brush, your hand or anything else—will increase blood flow and circulation, giving your skin a flushed, youthful and “slightly swollen” appearance.

Others are calling dry brushing the new exfoliation, as it clears away dead skin cells. Beginning in your thirties and increasing as you age, Alster says your skin’s cells can grow “stickier,” which can lead to accumulation and a dull appearance. “Exfoliation can help remove those stuck-together cells,” she says. “But you want to do it very gently and infrequently, or you may do more harm than good.”

Exfoliating more than once a week could also break down your skin’s protective barriers, leaving your hide less hydrated and prone to irritation, says Dr. Marc Glashofer, a New York-based dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology, and people with eczema or dry skin should avoid dry brushing altogether.

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