• By Keely Majewski

5 Essential Oils You Should Stock Up On

The benefits of essential oils are endless; from aromatherapy, stress relief, healthier skin, thicker hair, and an overall sense of balance that we all need at the end of the day, and depending on the specific organic oil you want to try, there's a wide range of benefits that come with even only a few drops.

A lavender based essential oil, for example, can help with restlessness and muscle tension. The Clary Sage Essential Oil is good for anxiety relief and has even been known to soothe menstrual cramps. Essential oils are a growing must-have in your home, and here are a few of our favorites:

Herbivore Soap

Herbivore Soap is a brand that provides a lengthy list of essential oils and lotions, all aimed to help heal with aromatherapy. Their star product is their roll on headache cure, an oil that’s extremely easy to apply and will help banish those pesky after work head pains.

“ This is an all natural headache/migraine relief roll on made with magnesium oil, sweet almond oil, and an essential oil blend of peppermint, orange, and lavender. ”

Shop the herbivore soap here

Lenus Handcrafted

A rare handcrafted oil that pinpoints the problem of aging and tired looking skin. This essential oil used for your face, neck, and hands will brighten your inner glow and help keep your skin even and smooth.

“L ĒNUS Nọ91 Light Face Oil is a luxurious, lightweight, deeply penetrating blend of rare oils selected for their extraordinary regenerative properties. This concentrated, exotic botanical oil blend provides an extra nutrient-rich boost to your healthy skin routine. Apply a few drops of oil to help smooth out fine wrinkles and reduce the effects of aging skin .”

Shop Lenus Handcrafted here


Famous for their Argan Oil that promotes hair growth in addition to bringing new life back into your locks, this oil will have your hair feeling silky smooth and thicker! Just apply a few drops in your shampoo and use daily. Perfect for those out there with dyed hair that need a natural soft feel again.

Shop Floracopeia here

Shop One Tree Lane

One of the most loved products this shop offers is none other than the Ylang Ylang essential oil. While the scent is very strong and it’s suggested to use only a small drop in your aromatherapy, this oil is said to be perfect for your facial routine before bed. It helps with sleep and dry skin, keeping you looking refreshed and awake!

Shop One Tree Lane here

Wood & Oils

Finishing off with something a bit simple, this highly wearable oil is perfect for a subtle floral scent for everyday use. With an easy applicator and travel size container, you can throw this in your bag and carry it with you without having to worry about spills!

Shop Wood & Oils here

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