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Mothering the Mother: Healing Oils for Post-Partum Care

The fourth trimester is a delicate season for both newborns and mothers.

The physical transition that both bodies endure can be both humbling and trying, in equal measure, and while we tend to focus on swaddling our little one in tender loving care, it’s easy to overlook a new mother’s needs during this challenging transition.

While mental and emotional health is not to be overlooked, we’ve compiled some of our favorite products for physical recovery, and while every new mother’s needs are different there’s something here for you whether you’re recovering from a vaginal or cesarean delivery, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, or both.

Below are some of our favorite natural essentials to build into your postpartum routine—for your own comfort and care.

Lanolin Cream For Nipple Healing

An often unanticipated part of the healing process is easing your body into breastfeeding—if you choose or are able to do so. While easy and effortless for some, the process can be painful and even excruciating for others. The friction and strain on your nipples can lead to blisters and the skin can take days at best or weeks at worst to toughen up and tolerate the hourly strain.

Lansinoh's Lanolin Cream can provide safe and effective relief. This 100% natural and single-ingredient product is safe for both you and your little one, and contains no preservatives, fragrance, or taste. It is our number 1 recommendation for breastfeeding mothers.

Epsom Salts For Soothing Relief

If you had a vaginal delivery, all pushing would have put a lot of pressure on the muscles down under, resulting in hemorrhoids. And, they are so PAINFUL. Epsom salt baths are a tried-and-true way to nourish and soothe all of your sore and sensitive areas, and have been used for years to treat Post-Partum Edema.

When the salts break down into magnesium and sulfate in water, it’s commonly believed that the minerals are absorbed into your skin to relax and soothe. Epsom salts are readily available online and in local grocers, and are both an easy and affordable item for any new mother. Talk to your health care provider and get an OK from them. If you have had any complication or a C-section, they might ask you to wait a couple of days. But, otherwise, it is generally safe to take an Epsom salt bath within the first week of postpartum. This store has them in Coconut, Matcha, and Green Tea

Coconut Oil For Natural Moisturizing

There’s little as reassuring or as a trustworthy as this single-ingredient product when you’re concerned with exposure to yourself and your little one. Organic coconut oil can be a gentle and effective way to moisturize and sooth your skin as it heals from the stress and strain of pregnancy.

Being both safe to ingest and absorb (in moderation of course), you can apply it all over without fearing what your little one is exposed to toxins, as they snuggle or nurse.

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