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An Inside Look At Well & Body Care Company 'Bae Bakerie'

My current obsession with Bae Bakerie, led me to take a deeper look and see what this beauty company was really about. What I found blew my mind!

Growing in popularity for their deliciously whipped Shea butter, and sweet balms, the Bae Bakerie brand pushes the envelope when it comes to creativity in the beauty industry. Known for their cute 'baked-goods' related names like Honey Oat and Mint Macaroon, the products are not only high in quality, but are also super affordable.

Dejaune Burhoe, founded Bae Bakerie after battling mental health Issues, and while in recovery, aspired to create a brand that reflected her desire to encourage the overall well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Her story is one of resilience above anything else, after emerging from a turbulent period in her life, she found joy in creating small batches of whipped Shea butter in her bedroom, which she has coined 'Body Frosting'. Dejaune sold out batches of these Body Frosting products, weekly, and the rest, as they say is history.

The body frosting packaging is so cute. How did you come up with it?
“Actually it's really a salt n' pepper shaker.

No way!

"Yes! If you look at the top you'll see. I wanted something different from the traditional mason jars, and so I found a way to cover the holes, made tags, wrapped a bow around it, and that's how we created what you know today as the Whipped Body Frosting".

The name 'Bae Bakerie' meaning Bakery for 'Beauty and Everything else, was a nod to the founders love for baking, as the products are specifically named after baked goods, you'll see names like Coco Body, Honey Oat and Red-velvet Macaroon cookie shaped lip balms, all embodying the founders innate desire to create products that contributed to positively impacting wellness of being.

Some of the Top Selling Products are:

Whipped Body Frosting

These are Shea butter based skin creams made to look, feel and smell like frosting whipped into a light fluffy non-greasy moisturizer that smells so good you wouldn't believe it's Shea butter! They come in up to 5 flavors, and start at only $8. St. Eden favorites are the Honey Oat and Coco Body.

Macaroon Lip Balm

The Macaroon Lip balms are all natural lip moisturizers, that each have a distinct taste of popular dessert flavors and come with the look to match. Sort from flavors like Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Mint, Lemon Pound cake, Red Velvet Cake, Taffy, and Fruity Loop.

Affordably priced, starting at only $3, the beauty company is on the cusp of its breakthrough to the mainstream market. While currently distributing only organic body care, there is a plan to expand to organic hair care that caters primarily to women of color in the near future.

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