• Jessica Lamba

Why Pumpkin Should Be A Staple Year Round!

You carve them, you paint them, but how often do you eat them? Yes, we're talking about fall's favorite fruit, the pumpkin! Though they certainly make bright and festive decorations, their health benefits are even better.

Pumpkin fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and one of the top sources of the antioxidant, beta-carotene. Betacarotene may reduce skin damage from the sun, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, promotes health eyes, and healthy skin.

Women generally need 2,333 IU of vitamin A per day, while men need 3,000 IU. A cup of cooked pumpkin contains 38,129 IU, and while that sounds like a lot, you body only converts as much vitamin A from beta-carotene as it needs. With nutrients like this, pumpkin is an all-round health all-star, offering potential health benefits to your immune system

So slow down on the sweets this halloween, and stock up on the pumpkins! You'll find yourself feeling full, but as it's also low in calories, it's greta for weight loss as well.

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