• Dominique Knight

5 Ways to Detox Your Mind and Body After a Long Day

With the changes and uncertainty of the current state of the world combined with the pressures of work in our daily lives, it is now more than ever, important to practice self care. Nonetheless, when the day-to-day starts to take a toll, here are five simple ways to detox not only your body but your mind to feel refreshed for the new day.

Unplugging Social Media

Social media can be a place to escape reality. It can also be very overwhelming. Taking in so much information at once can lead to sensory overload. My advice? - turn notifications off and put your phone down. Prioritizing your thoughts and not being overtaken by the thoughts of others is necessary. 

Music Therapy

Music is extremely healing. I know you must have at least one song that can completely shift your mood. How about compiling a playlist of some favorites? The process itself will be a welcome distraction and if you are ever feeling down in the dumps again, you can always go back and listen. 


Sometimes we can become fixated on our circumstances or problems. When that happens instead of letting these situations plague your mind, take a pen and paper. Write out how you are feeling and what happened that made you feel that way. Often we can find solutions to our problems by just getting our thoughts down. 

Favorite Self Care Routine

What is your favorite form of self-care? Think of the best way to nurture it. Whether it’s a warm Epsom salt bath or a luxurious face mask, giving your body the care and attention it needs will make you feel better on the inside as well as well as on the outside 

Go to Bed Early and on Clean Sheets

Believe or not our bedding makes a difference in our quality of sleep. Going to bed on fresh sheets can equal a perfect night’s rest. When you have had a trying day, the best thing to do at times is to go to sleep. Remember, bad days don’t last forever. 

Take Care Now. 

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