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Ask St. Eden: Hair Masque or Hair Conditioner. What's The Difference and Which is Better

I'm standing before two hair products trying to make a difficult choice between products, and over saturation of the beauty market with products does not make this choice any easier. Do I need a hair masque or do I need a hair conditioner? I want to ask St. Eden.

Hair Masque

The use of hair masque can be compared to giving your hair a full balanced meal. Hair masque penetrates deep into the hair structures and reaches follicles to provide deep nourishment. Hair Masque is always applied before hair wash, often on dry hair, and needs a little more time to be absorbed. It is mostly applied for half and hour to 12 hours.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is similar to applying makeup. Its main task is to condition and provide nourishment and protection from damage. A conditioner is applied right after hair wash and then rinsed after about 3-8 minutes, though there are also leave-in conditioners. The beneifts of conditioners are more superficial, instant and sometimes temporary.

Hair conditioner works right away and temporarily improves appearance and condition of hair. However, hair mask will provide deep regeneration and nourishment for very damaged hair, but it's long term effects you'll have to wait and see.

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