• Jenna Simkins

Ask St. Eden: Toners, Serums, and Knowing The Difference.

I find navigating beauty isles confusing sometimes, and have personally been wondering how to differentiate serums from toners. I often have a hard time understanding how they differ, and want to ask St. Eden.


A toner is an alcohol-free moisturizer that helps to remove unnecessary oils and dead skin from your face. Because toners are alcohol-free, they work well with all types of skin, both sensitive and not. They also work well in exfoliating and balancing your skin’s pH levels. While toners are not a must have, they can still be a good to have in your pocket if you have oily skin.


Serums on the other hand are deep penetrating moisturizers that deliver vitamins, exfoliants, and herbal extracts to your skin. Their main focus is on anti-aging, so they tackle everything from hyperpigmentation to wrinkles. If you still find yourself struggling to identify a serum from a toner, a general rule of thumb is that serums are usually sold in smaller amounts and at a higher price. Like toners, serums are not necessarily a must have, and different kinds have different ingredients, which I think is a nice, helpful way to be able to find what best fits your needs.

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