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Discovered on St. Eden: Clean Beauty Brands to Try Right Now

What will you discover on the Garden?

Treasures that heal, hydrate, nourish, grow, soothe and moisturize, consciously curated with you in mind. If you're shopping for clean beauty, you'll find something here and never feel lost again.

ROEN Beauty

ROEN Beauty brings glamour, artistry, and well-being together to create clean and innovative products, without compromising on performance and wearability. Gorgeous eyeshadows, a volumizing mascara, and luscious lip balms are just a few of ROEN Beauty’s stand-out products.

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Butter and Lye

Butter and Lye is an eco-friendly company based in Brooklyn, New York that delivers high-quality natural soap while ensuring environmentally friendly business practices. With a background as a Biochemist, the founder of Butter and Lye has created a gentle soap formulation made with high quality, fragrance and harsh chemical-free ingredients. Butter and Lye offers face and body soaps, as well as shampoo bars.

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NUORI is a new generation of all-natural beauty products, freshly blended for peak efficacy and purity. Sleek, premium, protective packaging keeps their products fresh and effective. Skincare, body care, hair care, and accessories - which NUORI treasures will you choose?

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“Beauty without secrets” is OY-L’s promise to you. They use four main ingredients that you can find one or more of in all of their products - hemp seed oil, lavender essential oil, Manuka 20+ honey, and pink Himalayan salt. OY-L offers a wide range of face and body essentials that are sure to boost your complexion - and your spirit.

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54 Thrones

54 Thrones offers natural, authentic, and thoughtful beauty products. Inspired by African beauty rituals and plant botanicals, 54 Thrones created a line of body and face butters, soaps, oils, and face masks. You'll be sure to find a new addition to your skincare collection here.

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Free and True Skincare

Created by a team of skin experts, Free + True harnesses the planet's most potent botanicals and marries them with clean science to bring effortless and effective care to any skin environment. ‘Mama Pacha’, ‘Freedom Fighter’, and ‘Ramblin Rose’ are just a few of the catchy names attached to their serums, cleansers, and creams.

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Laurel Skin

Laurel Skin is a ritualistic range of organic skincare, formulated with impeccably sourced, highly vibrant whole plant ingredients, picked at their peak for unmatched transparency, purity, and results. They do not compromise or make any exceptions when it comes to the quality of their ingredients. Housed in chic black packaging, Laurel Skin offers cleansers, elixirs, serums, oils, balms, and masks. Can’t choose just one? Not to worry - they have an assortment of full skincare sets, so you can try them all!

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Discover any new favorites? Let us know what you try! We may just feature your review in our next Product Crush List.

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