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Inside Look At 3 Graces Beauty.

A burgeoning career as a makeup artist, immersed beauty professional, Colleen Kirk, head first into the world of custom color cosmetics. After a decade of traveling the world as a spokesperson, championing beauty to women from the tip of Paris to the far ends of South Africa, it became clear to Colleen the vapid hole in the market for products that were high performing like the ones she was used to, but that did not compromise women's health. At this time, the idea of clean beauty was quickly rising in the industry, and Colleen wanted to be a part of the revolution.

She set out to create products that didn't yet exist in the market, and to re-create products that she loved using clean non-toxic ingredients. With a mission to re-define the ideals of beauty, she too had come to know, Colleen partnered with a nutritionist to better understand the ingredients that help our bodies live longer and that keep us healthy and to utilize that information in the way that it benefited the skin as well.

Colleen, you mentioned that The 3 Graces Beauty Brand is centered around the word Grace, tell me about that.

"The 3 Graces is very personal to me. The industry has for long, had this benchmark of what beauty should look like, but what I've come to believe is that beauty is who you are as a person. Beauty is what makes you tick, how you live your life, how you give back, and what you do for others..

I can make anyone look like anything with the power of makeup, but I cannot make them be a good person. When we relate beauty to grace, Grace is unmerited favor. Grace comes from the good things you do for others for no reason, and while our customers have their own definition of Grace, the 3 Graces I hold dear are faith, hope, and love - Colleen Kirk.

I'm interested in knowing what some of the challenges were to formulate color products that worked.

"When I started, I sought out to create the perfect lip gloss. To me that was a high shine lipgloss, that performed at the same level as the other professional brands like MAC or a true artist brand, but that was toxin free. In those early days however, technology had not come that far, and so this was really difficult to do. After 2 years, and lots of research, we brought our first product to market; A clean lipgloss formulated with Moringa Oil, an ingredient that was garnering buzz at the time, for its incredible skin protection, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. I created the Radiant lipgloss with Moringa Oil, and with a goal to create a gloss that was high-shine, high pigmentation, non-sticky, but with no taste or smell, and of course, long lasting.

What I find so powerful about 3 Graces Beauty are the words that go with each product. I have the Radiant Lip Gloss with the mantra "Do Justice. Have Mercy. Walk Humbly" Having this message as I start my day, is powerful, and even when I re-apply the gloss, it serves as a reminder, as I go about my day.

"Beauty is powerful. My time as a makeup artist, revealed to me the transformative power of makeup, and I wanted each product to be a reminder to be intentional about seeking grace in our everyday lives, and as we go about our day".

So tell me Colleen, What are the hot products on 3 Graces Beauty right now?

Radiant Lip Gloss

Our radiant lip gloss is blended with a lip serum of organic oils naturally sourced butters, and a nutrient rich vitamin complex for long lasting hydration and repair, and with the intensity of a lipstick and the skin nurturing benefits of a serum, it becomes a 3-in-1 lip color and an everyday beauty essential.  

Radiant Lip Scrub

Our Radiant Lip Scrub an essential lip care product, formulated to gently exfoliate and hydrate so your lips, and maximizes the treatment benefits found in the Radiant Lip Gloss.

Restoring Facial Balm

Our Restoring Facial Balm has the powerful synergy of Sea Lavender Extract and Moringa Seed Oil which restores dehydrated skin, captures moisture, and keeps skins natural barrier resilient and protected. This lightweight balm gives your skin a very natural radiance when worn underneath your foundation, and helps your makeup last all day.

Besides the Lip Scrub, and Lip Gloss, what other products can we expect from 3 Graces Beauty?

Our lip savior is 100% clean, and is a game changer. It has a natural sesame extract, that research shows has the ability to increase hydration and is formulated with botanical ingredients. We're preparing to launch this product in a few weeks, as well as a cleanser and serum.

It's been a pleasure learning about 3 Graces Beauty from you Colleen. You have an inspiring message, and as a beauty professional as well, I think, an important mission here. As the 3 Graces Beauty Brand community grows, what would you like other women to know?

"That beauty surpasses the physical definition that we've been taught. I created 3 Graces because I had a mission to re-define beauty, and I want everyone who encounters the 3 Graces Beauty brand to know that beauty is really about loving yourself. My intention is to empower and inspire others through products with clean ingredients; our most important ingredient being those moments of grace that encourage you through the day. I believe that's our greatest offering to women everywhere".

Inside Look At 3 Graces Beauty Written by Ona Okoye

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