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Inside Look At Iremia Skincare.

I had the privilege of being in conversation with Elaine Li, the founder of Canadian beauty brand, Iremia Skincare, to chat about her career transition from marketing skincare products to making them, her struggle with Rosacea and Eczema, and the lack of transparency in the beauty industry, that led to her wanting to create a product that everyone could trust.

Of course, we didn't let her go without sharing precious details on true Canadian living.

A deeper look at Iremia Skincare unraveled a powerful story of not just physical healing, but healing of the mind and the soul too. I fell more in love with the brand Elaine built, and I think you will too.

So tell me about your background, and how Iremia came about

Well after spending 16 years working in corporate marketing, stress had taken a toll on my mental, and physical health. For years, I suffered from Eczema and Rosacea flare ups, and I had tried everything - from traditional products, to seeing specialists and using all types of medication - I was even undergoing a 10-step skincare routine, all to no avail. My body was in a constant state of stress and struggled to heal leading to two miscarriages that further devastated me.

Desperate for a real cure, I stumbled upon a childrens' product that claimed to heal eczema. Eager for some respite, I tried it, only to find that a product that had claimed to be natural was in-fact full of steroids. It was at that point that I said enough is enough. I began to question ingredients in the entire beauty space, and began to wonder if the products we used on ourselves, and on our children, that claimed to be natural were telling the truth.

This experience ignited a burning desire in me to create a product that was everything I felt the market was missing; transparent, and simple, yet effective. I worked with a chemist to formulate a product with natural alternatives to replace ingredients that were toxic or popular in the mainstream, with a focus on 3 main areas, calming the skin, protecting the skin, and strengthening the skin, but the magic came in pairing these products with my new slower and holistic lifestyle.

This intersection of healing of mind, body and soul was where Iremia Skincare was born.

The Protective Cream is quite possibly my favorite! I love how it has a thickness to it. I'm assuming your living in a much colder climate may have inspired that.
You know quite a few others have said that. Many people have described it's warmth as tight hug on your skin, It's definitely one of our top sellers. I think what's beautiful about these products is that the whole family can use them - even children.

Would you say that your life is simpler now?

Simpler? Maybe, but certainly not easier. I think we ultimately have the choice to place our priorities on what is most important to us but it may not be an easy journey. It could be as simple as not allowing society to define success, or it could be slowing down our decision making and questioning why we need an item or product in our lives. In my case, it was shifting into what was a passion, learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable , and adopting a let it go attitude for things that don't serve me or my greater purpose.

The name Iremia, pronounced eye-ree-mia' means calm and embodies the brands true essence and founder, Elaine Li's personal ethos. The products target calming the skin, protecting the skin, and strengthening the skin, but the magic comes in pairing these products with a slower holistic lifestyle as a daily ritual.

Some of Our Favorites are:

The Soothing Lotion

Many are calling this the new anti-aging formula as it doubles as a support system, and is both soothing and anti-aging. The secret is the African Mahogany Tree Bark extract, which studies have shown works well in smoothing pores. It helps calm redness that comes with sensitive skin.

All Calm Face Mist

A key ingredient in the face mist is rice water. It works wonders in smoothening and brightening skin, as rice water is an ingredient that studies have shown to be more hydrating than the popular hyaluronic acid. The face mist is packed with antioxidants that illuminate your complexion.

The Protective Cream

The Protective Cream has a Cacao seed butter base. It also contains beeswax, avocado and palmarosa that provides a barrier on the skin to protect it from environmental elements while retaining moisture and providing soothing and nourishing.

The Restorative Facial Oil

Imagine the benefits of all the essential oils in one. The Facial Oil is a beautiful blend of 11 botanical oils. Packed with Omega 6 fatty acids, and is a topical skin multivitamin that strengthens the skin and helps with redness, minimize scars, and improves skin tone.

Last but not least Elaine, what's it like living in Mississagua? I believe many of us are curious about true Canadian living.

We live by a Ravine, and I absolutely cherish it. I have a lovely view of the sunrise, and get to run most mornings to clear my head which sets the tone for the rest of the day. Those few minutes in stillness and connecting to nature fill me with such peace. It is in this reminder to pause, find the balance, and honor the stride that Iremia exists.

Inside Look At Iremia Skincare Written by Ona Okoye

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