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Inside Look At Katari Beauty.

It's always refreshing when you find a brand that walks the talk. That's how I felt after my conversation with Katari Beauty Founder, Kate Fish; a woman who believes that the quality of a beauty product lies in the quality of its ingredients. This single and simple idea ignited her trips across the world, to seek the finest beauty ingredients, directly from the source.

Kate generously shared with us, stories of her travels to countries in the Mediterranean to meet with the highly skilled artisans who craft the ingredients for Katari Beauty. These single Ingredients carrying ancient beauty traditions, deeply rooted in thousands of years of culture and customs, certainly got our attention, and so we took an inside look, aware that it would be unwise to overlook the great lengths gone to producing some of the magnificent oils, waters, and clay's you see today on Katari Beauty

This deeper insight into the founder's story helped shed light on a brand that is not only setting the bar higher for clean beauty, but is also willing to take the long and arduous route in order to do so.

Katari Beauty is growing in popularity, at this point we all have a few favorites, but tell me Kate, do you have a favorite and can you walk us through the unique process of how it is made?

"Even better, I'll tell you an embarrassing story. So there I am sitting with Wafa and Amin, who are part of the artisan team, that create the Roseau Toner. I'm eating cookies, and waiting for the rose water to boil" Kate says.

"...after I get the first batch, I stick my nose in to smell the rose water, and panic when I find that the water has no smell"

"Only when the artisans say to me, that the scent needs at least 24 hrs to develop, does it hit me. Isn't it funny? roses smell like roses everywhere else, except its water!"

"It was interesting to find that the distillation process that may sound as simple as heat, water, and roses, could also be so intricate and complex.

What is it like finding the right artisan to partner with, and of course dealing with the complexity of international logistics as a small business in America.
Sometimes I just want to open a logistic company, and call it a day. Kate laughs! I get into a lot of interesting situations dealing with international logistics. I mean we know rose toners exist all over the world, but I choose to source directly because I believe that If you don't get the best, then why bother?
The Katari process is long and tedious and sometimes involves hours of international calls, travel to remote areas, and villages across the world to meet with the artisans, multiple sniff tests here and there? It took me 10 years to find the best rose water, the one you know on Katari today as the Roseau Toner.

That sounds hectic. Can you walk me through some of the challenges of direct sourcing?

Well I source everything down to the root, down to knowing the source of the irrigation for the fields. I know everybody who is involved with making the ingredient, how they made it. I know the donkeys name, if the donkey was happy? I also sometimes have to be aware of the countries economic state in order to account for a rise in costs, and that involves currency conversions, and managing multiple cultures, languages, attitudes and traditions, which can be challenging.

Wow, do you have any challenges with the ingredients themselves?

"Of course. Every product is different and has different challenges, that must be considered for the product to perform at its best. For example, Rose water is made once a year, so if I don't forecast correctly, we are out of stock.

For the oils, the seeds are dry, so we are able to stock the oils for when we need them.

The clay is only handpicked during summer, and needs to be 100% dry or free of any moisture".

So personally, I've become familiar with the 10 ingredients that make up Katari Beauty. You've got the 7 oils, 2 waters, and 1 clay, but what ingredients would you recommend for those who are just starting out with Katari Beauty?

The Hoba Oil

The Jojoba Oil, which we call the Katari Hoba Oil is great for daily use, and works well as a skin cleanser and makeup remover. It's PH neutral, so I'd recommend it for all types of skin.

The Roseau Toner

The Roseau Toner is also great for daily use, and works well to lift and tone skin. This concentrated elixir of rose petal essential oils, is created through a process known as vapor distillation, a method that helps keep all the essential oils in the water.

The Argil Clay

The rare Tunisian green clay known as Katari's Argil Clay has extreme pulling power for drawing out impurities, black heads and clearing skin of excess oils and acne. The Argil Clay minerals work on a cellular level to help regenerate skin and balance it out whether it is dry or oily. I'd recommend using the Argil Clay as a pore cleansing masque, once or twice a week.

It's been a pleasure learning about Katari from you Kate. You have a growing customer base of people who love the brand, and who religiously use Katari ingredients on their skin. What would you want them to know?

"That beauty can be simple and sustainable. That's what I believe, that's what everyone who believes in Katari, will come to believe. I have seen low quality products out in the market. Products that claim to be 100% organic or natural, but in reality are cutting necessary corners because they believe they have no options. I'm here to tell them, they do. Katari Beauty offers the best option for clean and sustainable beauty".

What does the future look like for Katari Beauty?

"I see us being a part of a future of zero waste, like it was when I was a child. I imagine a future where Katari lovers can refill their bottles when they need to. We currently have a refill bar in Ontario, Canada called Re:mind Wellness, and another in Charleston, South Carolina called Treehouse Soul Skin Spa. I see a future were we are visible in more spas and beauty centers around the country".

Inside Look At Katari Beauty Written by Ona Okoye

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