• Jenna Simkins

Items At Home That Make Surprisingly Good Moisturizers

Most of us know that moisturizing is an important part of our daily routine, yet not all of us do it. It may be because buying a good brand lotion is too expensive, or because it is hard to determine which lotions actually work.

For a while, I would pick out lotions and moisturizers based on their scent and price tag alone, as it was easy and cheap. Yet, over time I found myself spending more and more on money. This was largely due to the fact that I had to slather on layer after layer of lotion to feel like my skin was being even a little moisturized.

After years of spending my money on lotions, I decided I needed to find a more affordable way to moisturize my skin. And I didn’t need to look any farther than my own home. I found that simple, everyday items I used at home were also skin healing moisturizers. I’m no hoarder of secrets, so I’ll share them with you.

Coconut Oil

Now, there are different opinions out there on whether or not coconut oil actually moisturizes your skin. I have found best results when combined with an oil-free moisturizer like shea butter. What happens is the oil traps in the water and hydrating properties from the other moisturizer, and what’s left behind is happy, healthy skin.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is great for hydrating skin because it is rich in vitamin C, iron, proteins, and healthy fats. In addition to moisturizing dry hair and skin, it is also great at preventing acne, reducing wrinkles, treating sunburns, and so much more!


Aside from making tea even yummier than it already is, honey has a lot of uses. Raw honey, when used as a moisturizer, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that not only leave your skin smoother and healthier than ever, but also leave your face clearer than before.


Like coconut milk, avocados are great moisturizers because they are a good source of vitamin C. They also have high amounts of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that can help protect your skin by reducing UV damage from the sun. I personally really enjoy the fact that they prevent damage to skin cells and promote elasticity too.

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