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Skin Healing-Ingredients to Look Out For

Most people don't enjoy having dry, flaky, in-flammed or sunburn skin, but these things happen, and when they do, it's reassuring to know that we can look to nature for skin healing remedies. Here are 5 natural skincare ingredients that also have healing properties.


Seaweed is a multi-purpose (and delicious) plant that has a multitude of beneficial properties. It can heal acne, reduce inflammation, increase hydration, promote collagen, and function as an exfoliant, cleanser, and more! Seaweed’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties heal damage skin, and can help protect your skin cells from damage. Less damage means healthier skin.

Green Tea

Like seaweed, green tea has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help promote the healing process. Though something unique between the two is that green tea has properties that can reduce puffiness, particularly under the eyes. This healing ability comes from the caffeine and L-theanine inside of the tea. When using green tea to ease puffy eyes, it works best if you place already-brewed tea bags over your eyes for up to 20 minutes, then drink some tea throughout the day. Drinking Green Tea also has anti-aging benefits.

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is quite popular in the beauty world when it comes to self-care products. It has great benefits for your skin including hydrating skin, reducing wrinkles and lines, and assisting your body in the process of healing. Its role is to regulate inflammation, and decrease the chances of infection.


Aluminum dihydroxy allantoinate, or allantoin, is an extract from a plant found in parts of Asia and Europe. For hundreds of years, the leaves have been used in healing small skin injuries and even reducing swelling. For this reason, it is quite common to find this ingredient in many self-care products as exfoliants and moisturizers. It’s popularity isn’t only because it can heal small injuries, but also because it soothes and exfoliates skin, rejuvenates cells, and more.

Baobab Oil

This tree is commonly referred to as “The Tree of Life,” and for good reason. When it comes to skin, oil extracted from the Baobob tree contains multiple vitamins and Omega 3’s that help with dry, wrinkled, aging skin. It also has properties that fight dark spots, heal dry skin, increase collagen, cleanses, moisturizers, and promotes strong, healthy skin. The best part about it all is that these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. The baobab tree has so many more health benefits which is why it is so popular in the beauty world.

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