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Being your first reviewers means that we've always got our fingers on the pulse of the beauty industry, knowing what's hot, what's clean and of course, what's actually worth your money. Every month, we sort through a good number of clean beauty products, vetting and approving their standards of safety to curate only the best in value and highest in performance for our list, and this month, we went for products that were a little more edgy and fun.

The compilation of reviews below are by everyday women who used these products and voluntarily shared feedback. I hope you discover new favorites here, as there's always something for everyone.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Indie Lee Energize Body Wash came in perfect time because we got a ton of beauty lovers asking for the perfect body wash. This gentle coconut based cleanser is rich in protein, vitamins, and essential oils that revitalize, while stimulating the senses and promoting the clarity of thought that you need to take on the day.

Best Value on Amazon - $24

Roseau Mediterranean Toner by Katari

You haven't truly experienced the Roseau Toner by Katari until you've known it's story. Directly sourced from the Delta of the river Nile in Egypt, Katari prides itself on elemental ingredients. Simplicity is key, when it comes to clean beauty, and Katari understands that if it takes 10 lbs of rose petals to make just 1 gallon of the best rose water in the world, then the best rose water in the world is what you will get. I apply this toner everyday with a cotton round, either under my makeup or to set my makeup in place for the day and I want to call this product a crush, but it's more like a personal obsession now. So what do you say? would you like to try the best rose water in the world?

Best Value on Katari - $26

Scalp Balm by Terre & Botanique

Meet your hair's new best friend! Terre & Botanique's Scalp Balm is not like your mama's, sisters or like any you've tried before. Including this scalp balm to my routine helped during those breaks in between washes where I would worry about the health of my hair, and if it was getting enough moisture. This balm quickly put those worries to rest, with hair nourishing ingredients like blackcurrant seed to thicken hair, and blood orange, to stimulate hair growth. Between you and I, let's say wash day can wait, and for good reason.

Best Value on Terre & Botanique - $5.99

For the budgetnista in the crowd, I see you girl! I definitely had you in mind when I choose The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel by Versed. Now personally, I don't do shortcuts when it comes to good skin; I mean we use products for at least a week, to be able to even write full reviews, but this little tube didn't need a week. In 3 days, I had visibly brighter skin, after 2 overnight uses. This is one corner I would cut, and at a price you can't beat? It's a steal.

Buy Now on Amazon - $19.47

OY-L Body Butter

So I tried OY-L's Body Butter and what I noticed was the how quickly it absorbed into my skin - which is pretty much expected of most good body butters, but what had me crushing was the scent of Tiare Lime. Gasp! Only one of the 6 gorgeous scents of the OY-L's 3oz body butters, so while you're judging me for being addicted to the new scent of my body, try it for yourself, and see if you'll be able to resist.

Best Value on OY-L - $30.00

Pomegranate Seed Oil by Katari

Imagine what life was like in Egypt 1000 years ago. What the women ate, and what traditional products the women used to stay looking so young and beautiful, it felt like they didn't age. With Katari Pomegranate seed oil, you don't have to imagine anymore. Each cold-pressed bottle of dried pomegranate seed, will transport you to the farms in Egypt's Delta of the Nile, and the benefits of the secrets to premature aging. Besides the beautiful glass bottles, I loved the versatility of the oil being able to nourish both hair and skin. On a scale of 1-10, we were mind blown.

Best Value on Katari - $38

Aha + Aloe Cleansing Gel by Anove

We needed a gentle face wash that was just as effective for our beauty lovers with sensitive skin, and Anove was our top pick. Anove Cleansing Gel uniquely combines Alpha Hydroxyl acid and Aloe Vera in a way that perfects your natural skin complexion, and still leaves that squeaky clean soft feel we all love.

Best Value on Anove - $45

Blonde Duo Set

The uber-violet packaging, may get your attention, but the bright blonde results will capture your heart. I recommended the blonde duo set because quite frankly, what's shampoo without conditioner? you know you'll need the other. Totally crushing on the Blonde Duo set by Amika.

Best Value on Amika - $38.40

Arousal Oil by Foria

Anyone up for mind blowing orgasms?Anyone? Ok only one small detail, you'll need a functioning vulva. Foria Arousal Oil is the first intimacy & wellness product featured on St. Eden because well we're raunchy like that. I tried the Awaken Arousal Oil with little expectation from myself or my partner, but it's smooth texture and pleasant aroma got us in the mood really quickly. What I really love about this product is that it supports your pleasure & sexual wellness – solo or with a partner. This vagina approves. Cheers to more sex, and less stress.

Best Value on Foria - $48

Vegan Nail Polish in 41 Terra by Habit Cosmetics

Ohh-La-La! Salmon is not my favorite color, but it just might be now. What I loved about 41 Terra by Habit Cosmetics was its 'down to earthy' tone, while still vibrant enough for summer. I'm also

more of a matte gal, but my feelings towards Terra 41's creme finish surprised little ol' me. Pair with a sundress, and you're more than ready for the next social distancing picnic.

Best Value on Amazon - $18

If you found a new product crush on our list, please share the love with a friend. Comment below if there's a product you are obsessed with right now, or would like to try. Everyone loves a sharer!

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