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Did you know that as even as recently as five years ago, if you wanted to use "natural" beauty products, it meant coming to terms with the fact that your red lipstick would never be bright enough, or that your moisturizer might grow moldy before you reached the bottom of the jar. Yikes!

Today, we have clean beauty products that are jam-packed with high-performing ingredients, and that don't feel the least bit like a compromise. Being your first reviewers means that when it comes to beauty, we know what's hot, what's clean and of course, what's actually worth your money.

Every month, we sort through a good number of clean beauty products, vetting and approving their standards of safety to curate only the best in value and highest in performance for our list, and this month, we went for organic and vegan products that will protect as well as nourish during the growing chill of the winter months.

Have a look.

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No vacation? No problem! Golde Papaya Brightening Face Mask is made with 100% pure, edible superfoods and al my favorite superfruits like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn berry. It's loaded with all the vitamin c your skin needs, and did I mention that it smells like a tropical vacation?

What I particularly loved about this mask was the powder to gel formula. I wasn't quite used to this extra gentle exfoliation, but for visibly radiant skin, I'll go Golde.

Best Value on Golde - $34

Joshua Tree Palette by Aether Beauty

A love written in the stars or on Aether Beauty's Joshua Tree Pallete? if you're still guessing, you're right. This pallete comes in 12 shades of ultra-matte looks inspired by the desert landscape we californians know too well, the Joshua Tree. Aether Beauty is one of my favorite makeup lines because all the products are made with organic ingredients. Which can be tough to do while being that good!

Best Value on Aether Beauty - $58.00

Nalani Botanics Cacao Body Butter

Just when you thought body butters couldn't smell any better, Nalani Botanics Cacao Butter comes smelling like chocolate! Besides the ravoshing scent of raw cacao, what I love about this body butter is that its rejuvenating and restoring to the derma, and guarantees a delicate replenishment of the skin that can only be achieved with raw organic ingredients.

Best Value on Nalani Botanics - $25.83

However you start your morning, it's 10x better when you start with confidence, and for many, that means clean teeth, and a pearly white smile. Keeko Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste has two of my favorite things in one pea sized paste - activated Charcoal which is a whizz at polishing teeth, and removing surface stains and Coconut oil. This dentist formulated, paste is vegan, free of fluoride, parabens and SLS, and combined with this biodegradable charcoal brush, a force to be reckoned with. Of course it was the minty-fresh flavor that got me hooked. Obviously!

Best Value on Amazon - $14

Mekabu Shampoo by Masami

Imagine having to choose between luxury and power, but then being able to have both! Masami's Mekabu Shampoo provides the nutrients and vitamins that are important for healthy hair, while the nourishing power of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, provides a luxurious shampoo experience that adds shine and hydration. I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes! It's great for all hair types.

Best Value on Masami- $38.00

Body Party by Best Life Organics

It's a party, it's a Best Life Organics Body Party! This is easily my new favorite body wash. This soap is made with organic castile soap and is free of sulfate, paraben, phthalate and ony other nasty stuff! Coming in two distinct combo-scents, please take your pick - better or better? Honestly, for that price, I'll take both!

Best Value on Best Life Organics - $22

Just Breathe Ritual Bath Soak by Pursoma

Do you have self-care rituals? This year has certainly called for it. The past 2 weeks have included lots of rest and this Just Breathe Ritual by Pursoma is the medicine that the doctor ordered. I personally use this as a spa to relax and calm my mind before I sleep. The eucalyptus in the salt is known for unblocking the nasal passage and is able to clear my head before bedtime.

This bath salt has quickly become part of my sunday ritual, and if sundays can't be little bit longer, it can sure be a little bit better. Try for yourself and see if your self-care Sundays will ever be the same.

Best Value on Pursoma - $19.99

Radiant Lip Gloss by 3 Graces Beauty

Does anyone go out without lipgloss or lip balm these days? The Radiant Lip Gloss by 3 Graces Beauty hasn't quite left my side. Maybe it's the lip serum of organic oils, or the nutrient rich vitamins that make it long lasting, while hydrating and repairing my dry lips. Whatever it is, I'm stuck on it, and totally crushing! What I love the most about this lipgloss are the words embed on the tube, and on every 3 Graces Beauty product really. Mine says "Do justice. Have Mercy. Walk Humbly". You can get it in this luxurious nude or layer on colors for a custom look.

Best Value on Amazon - $20.00

Peppermint Tea Tree Cleanser by Beauty by Earth

If you're looking for a good cleanser, that's natural as well as effective, I'd recommend the Peppermint Tea Tree Cleanser by Beauty by Earth My days start and end with this peppermint foaming face wash, and I'm convinced it must be the tea tree, because it's certainly not my singing scaring away all that bad bacteria. Ha!

Best Value on Amazon - $19.99

Mekabu Conditioner by Masami

For hair care that turns heads, Masami's Mekabu Conditioner has become a hair essential. Like its shampoo, this conditioner is fortified with the hydrating qualities of the japanese ocean botanical, Mekabu, and is enhanced with the Japonica seaweed, aloe vera, blueberry extract, and other powerful antioxidants to produce a rich creme that is deep yet lightweight, and able to nourish and restore softness, shine and manageability. I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes! It is color safe.

Best Value on Masami - $38

Comment below if you've tried any of these products on our list. Your comment could also help someone else on the fence about choosing what's right for them.

Till next time ~

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