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As corona virus measure are eased, many of us are getting back to dining on restaurant patios, shopping in stores and venturing to beaches, and some parts of the country might feel like itself again in some ways, but masks are still required in public venues. Naturally, we've been finding ourselves doling out mask-specific advice, including how to keep the focus on eyes (forget the lip gloss for now) caring for skin that could be prone to irritation, and avoiding heavy makeup that could end up being irritating the skin under your mask.

I would stick to keeping skin super hydrated and focus on the areas that do show: eyes, cheeks and brows. Being your first reviewers means that when it comes to beauty, we know what's hot, what's clean and of course, what's actually worth your money.

Every month, we sort through a good number of clean beauty products, vetting and approving their standards of safety to curate only the best in value and highest in performance for our list, and this month, we went for care products for the skin beneath your mask.

Take a look.

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If you want a high quality face moisturizer that's both hydrating and nourishing, then you want Codex. The Bia Skin food family has been on our favorite list since early spring This time, we had the pleasure of reviewing the Bia Skin Superfood, and we were not disappointed

Best Value on Amazon - $50

Expressionist Volumizing Mascara by W3LL People

We all know when the masks come on, the eyes get in focus. This little mascara is a great plumper-upper for every zoom call, and perfect for those on the go. I've tried a few other mascaras and what I can say about W3ll People Expressionist Volumizing Mascara is that it keeps it's no-clump promise. I'll confess, there were several nights that I forgot to wash it off, because I forgot that I even had it on. On nights like those, you'll be glad it's Clean.

Best Value on Amazon - $9.99

Cantu Co-Wash

Not everyday is washday, and we get it. Cantu Co-Wash does too. So this is for those in-between washes or too-busy-to washes, that are not quite there yet, but could use a refresher, and some moisture. My natural haired sistas will tell you it sure beats carrying around a tub of leave-in conditioner.

Best Value on Target - $5.99

Pholk Beauty, feels like a love letter to the African diaspora. I loved that this brand had a deep understanding of the problematic skin that plagues African women, such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and more. This brand caters to those specific needs of African skin. The Moringa Pore Teatox Mask also comes with an applicator and works to heal blemished skin in time.

Best Value on Pholk Beauty - $15

Mona Moon Naturals Lip Balm

What do you get when you mix mango butter, beeswax and vitamin E with coconut and avocado oil? Mona Moon Naturals Lip Balm because the formula is just that simple. This is an affordable solution to lips that can sometimes get chapped and dry under masks.

Buy Value on MonaMoon Naturals - $5.00

Nourishing Face Oil by Avoila

What got my attention here was the packaging, and then of course, the product sold itself. Avoila Nourishing Face Oil is a bit on the high side, price wise, but if it's the only product you need, then it's worth it. What I loved about this oil is its lightweight while being nourishing antioxidant and anti-aging oil, and because only a little bit, goes a long way, one bottle will last quite long on your shelf.

Best Value on Avoila - $72

Defining Brow Pencil by PYT

When we said to stick to areas of your face that will show while you're wearing a face mask mask, we meant get PYT Defining Brow Pencil.

A good brow pencil takes the heavy out of makeup, while still achieving that glamorous look of your brows, because when it comes down to it, we know glamor is really all in the eyes.

Best Value on Amazon - $16

Probiotic Deodorant by Iyoba Handmade

For many, a natural and effective deodorant do not exist. I was one of those non-believers, until I tried Iyoba Handmade Probiotic Deodorant

If you've found yourself at an impasse where not even the strongest deodorants cover up these stinky bacteria, you might consider an ironic solution: just add more bacteria! This probiotic deodorant is not just a safe solution, but it smells like lavender.. and who doesn't want to smell like Lavender?

Best Value on Iyoba Handmade - $12.75

Luxe Body Butter by Zen and Bloom

Good, Clean Body Moisturizer? Check Check! I tried Zen & Bloom's Body Butter in Hibiscus and Papaya, and was hooked on the scent. Body Butter's smell good for the most part, but something about the way this would glide on my skin that made me feel coated in love. These jars of butter come in 5 other magnificent scents, as well as an unscented jar, so you can't go wrong with any of them really.

Best Value on Zen and Bloom - $18

Vegan Nail Polish in Voodoo by Habit Cosmetics

Last month, we tried this nail polish in Salmon. This time around, we went a little darker for fall. What I loved about Voodoo by Habit Cosmetics was it's pink shimmery undertone - yes, it's a dark nude with a creme finish that was pleasantly surprising. Wear with your favorite fall coat, or with nothing at all ;-) It's enough.

Best Value on Amazon - $18

Comment below if you've tried any of these products on our list. Your comment could also help someone else on the fence about choosing what's right for them.

Till next time ~

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