• Courtney Blomquist

The Fall Reset: Everything Your Skin Needs To Feel It's Best This Season

As the air gets crisper and cooler, you may find that your skin is getting drier and drier. Fall’s brisker weather is a prelude to Winter’s chill and the chapped skin that comes with it. So do yourself a favor and start upping your hydration and moisturizing now! The following products and practices will help you achieve glowing, renewed skin in the months when it’s most difficult to do so.

Keep Drinking Water!

Hydration starts from the inside out, so be sure to keep your water intake up. But the cold water you’ve been guzzling all summer isn’t always as appealing on a cooler day, is it? It’s easy to grab a coffee or pumpkin spice latte when you feel chilly, but try to get in the habit of choosing hot water instead. It’s warming, tastes great with a bit of lemon added, and it will help you stay on track when it comes to your daily water intake.

Try an Exfoliating Mask

Fall is a great time to help your skin cells turn over so you stay fresh faced during colder seasons. What better way to do that than to use a product that doubles as a scrub and a nourishing mask? Try the Facial Scrub + Mask by the Earthy Goodness Co. and see how a combo of vitamin C, orange peel, and bentonite clay can keep your face free of toxins and dead skin cells. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and see how soft your skin feels.

Use a Hand Cream with Ceramides

The skin on your hands can suffer the most when it comes to dryness. Luckily, there are incredible hand creams on the market to keep your palms smooth and supple. Look for a product that contains ceramides, which help your skin stay firm and supple while establishing a strong barrier to environmental stressors. We recommend Sur.Medic+ Super Ceramide 100 Intense Protection Hand Cream, which is only $10! With such a low price, you can purchase two or three bottles to stash in multiple places so that moisture is always within reach.

Treat Your Lips!

Add a quality lip product to your busy lifestyle and you’ll save yourself from seasonal chapped lips! The Earthy Goodness Co. Lip Buttah contains a blend of coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to provide a moisture bomb that will keep your lips luscious and hydrated at all times of day. Use in combination with their Lip Scrub and “dry” will become a word that never again applies to your kisser.

Cleanse Your Face With Oil

Now is the time to toss out makeup removers and face washes that are laden with moisture-stripping alcohol and chemicals. Even if you are using such products to manage oily skin, we promise that oil cleansing is a better way to go. As counterintuitive as it may sound, cleansing your face with oil can actually balance your pH levels and lead to a healthy level of oil production in the skin. Start by trying Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil, which contains a special blend of safflower, pumpkin seed, and rosehip oils that work to remove makeup and cleanse both dry and acne prone skin types without sacrificing moisture.

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