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Tips and Tricks For Managing Skin Picking Disorder

Skin picking disorder (also known as Dermatillomania or excoriation disorder) is a widely misunderstood ailment that largely affects women. Classified as a BFRB (body-focused repetitive behavior), skin picking disorder causes sufferers to go beyond normal self-grooming behavior and obsessively rub, pick, and dig at their own skin until noticeable damage occurs. The urge to pick is triggered by different stimuli, like stress or the need for perfectionism, but the result is often one of deep shame, anxiety, and embarrassment that may interfere with normal life.

Thanks to the efforts of various brands, instagram communities, and online resources, this disorder is getting more recognition. That recognition is important, because many people who struggle with skin picking don’t even realize that it’s an actual disorder with suggested treatments. And, unfortunately, many doctors don’t either.

If you suffer from dermatillomania, understand that you are not alone and that there are various ways to manage it. This list of resources and incredible products will help you take steps towards the love and healing that you deserve.

The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Start by checking out the resources, group therapy, and doctor recommendations provided on the TLC Foundation’s website. They have everything from online support groups to personal stories of recovery from fellow skin pickers. Finding a community amongst those who share your struggle will set you free of the shame that has been holding you back, so don’t be afraid to seek it!

Starface Hydro-Stars

These cute little hydrocolloid stars bring much needed joy and recovery to troubled skin. They work magic by keeping out outside bacteria, gently removing pore gunk, and keeping your spots moist so that they can heal. It’s best to stick a star on your face or body as soon as you find a spot you’re tempted to pick. That way you can avoid damage control all together! But users report that they work on healing picked spots as well. The stars come in yellow, rainbow, and even a special-edition “vote” design. This brand also deserves credit for constantly bringing awareness to skin picking on their instagram account.


Clean-beauty-obsessed skin pickers, rejoice! This product is clean, effective, and will help you heal recent and past damage. Pickfix contains cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, and a handful of other essentials like eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile. It’s naturally packed with vitamin e, and users claim that it speeds up healing and diminishes old dark spots and scars.

Therapy Shoppe Fidgets

Fidgets are toys to occupy your hands. They’re kind of like variations on stress balls that can distract you from picking urges. Check out the large selection of fidgets created for skin pickers from Therapy Shoppe.

Picking Me Foundation

The Picking Me Foundation is newer to the scene than the TLC Foundation, but they are making quite an impression. Their motto is “Picking Me Over Skin Picking”, and they focus on management, community and self-love. They have incredible resources and tips, and they’ve recently focused on the unique triggers that Covid-19 can create for pickers and how to address them.

Cheers to happy healing and loving yourself!

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