Raise your hand if you’re ready to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with open arms. Same here. Just as many people like to sage their surroundings to cleanse the energy, we love to detox our skin (the human body’s largest organ) to rid it of the bad stuff and prep it to receive all the good stuff.

As we close (slam!) the door on 2020, we also bid farewell to any skin issues that arose this past year (“maskne”, we’re looking at you) and have selected some of the best clean beauty products to help detox your skin (and 2020.)

Buffalo Gal Skincare Perfector Detox Mask

Banish those breakouts with this super detoxifying all-in-one clay mask and cleanser that helps to clear pores and pull out excess oil and impurities caused by prolonged mask-wearing.

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Buffalo Gal Perfector Detox Mask

Harvest 9 Skincare Plum Lava Mask

Reveal visibly brighter, softer, smoother skin with this ultra-hydrating treatment mask powered by a curated blend of botanical extracts, AHA’s and BHA’s – that delivers both instant and long term results.

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Harvest 9 Plum Lava Brightening Facial Mask

Birch Babe Naturals Gentle Face Scrub

A very gentle exfoliant packed with crushed apricot shells to remove dead skin and infused with moisturizing oils like rosehip and shea that leave your skin feeling nourished.

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Birch Babe Gentle Face Scrub

Remix Lifestyle Spirit Cleanse Face Wash

Just a little of this milky and potent potion goes a long way—from a fresh and frothy tingle to a truly clean finish, leaving skin radiant and glowing.

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Remix Spirit Cleanse Face Wash

La Bella Figura Healing Manuka Mask

This hydrating mask works beautifully for dry, irritated, and mature skin conditions. Formulated with mineral-rich manuka honey and resveratrol concentrated Aronia berry, this complexion nourishing mask gently exfoliates for a bright and refreshed appearance.

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La Bella Figura Healing Manuka Mask

Remix Lifestyle Clear Cleansing Therapy

Clear negative energy in any environment and transform bad vibes on the spot with this aromatherapy spray that doubles as a light perfume or room spray.

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Remix Clear Cleansing Therapy

Which of these powerful products will you choose to detox your beautiful skin? Let us know in the comments!

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