Did you know that certain hormones are known to help promote positive feelings, including happiness and pleasure? Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin help promote happiness and pleasure while also reducing depression and anxiety – talk about a package deal!

The good news is there is abundance of these hormones, so you don’t ever have to worry about them running out. Matter of fact, you can create them naturally with some simple activities. Let’s get into it;


This is the love hormone, the one that lets you bond with others. Simply being attracted to someone can lead to the production of oxytocin. Physical affection, including kissing, cuddling, or having sex, also contributes to oxytocin production.

Get this flowing by spending time with someone you care about, or socializing with people we resonate with. This can help increase closeness and positive relationship feelings, making you feel happy, blissful, or even euphoric.


This is the mood stabilizer hormone. Get this flowing by going outside. Spend about 15 minutes in nature a few times a week, and watch what it does to your mood. Try exploring a new neighborhood or park if you’re tired of the same old sights. This neuronal chemical is about finding balance with ourselves and tuning in with nature in which we are


If you’ve heard of a “runner’s high,” you might already know about the link between exercise and endorphin release. This is the pain reducer hormone. Regular physical activity is a great option to boost your happy hormones, so get this flowing by moving your body with exercise, or listening to music, hearing stories, and yep you guessed it – laughing!


This is the feel-good hormone; a neurotransmitter that’s an important part of your brain’s reward system, and is associated with pleasurable sensations, along with learning, memory, and more. Yogurt, Beans, Eggs, Meats with low-fat content, and Almonds are just a few foods linked to dopamine release. Drinking green tea has also been known to help with dopamine release.

Take it up a notch and find ways to boost all four! Wishing you all the happiness (literally) in the world.

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