Since the explosion of CBD in the mainstream beauty market, everyone has been singing its praises. Companies are responding to this epic consumer demand with all sorts of brand-new CBD-infused offerings – from beverages to sports recovery creams, and now more recently aiding in a number of women’s health issues. 

First of all, what is CBD?

CBD is derived from cannabis plants and has a growing list of health benefits. It comes in many forms such as an oil, topical creams, edibles, or in pill form. CBD is usually used as a co-analgesic, which means it is used in addition to regular pain medication, or any other herb or supplement to help. 

Many people use CBD to relieve anxiety, depression, and other mental or physical health issues, ‘or even to help with sleep. More recently, there are studies that suggest CBD is beneficial in alleviating premenstrual syndrome commonly known as PMS.

Most women I know dread the discomfort that comes with their ‘time of the month.’ 

The pain, the mood swings, the skin issues, and all the other symptoms that prelude the onset of one’s menstrual period can alter the normal functioning of everyday life, but I have some good news that may change the way you look at this magical oil.

How CBD helps with PMS

CBD can treat hormonal and emotional issues such as PMS and the symptoms that come along with it such as cramps, irritability, insomnia, anxiety and depression. It is a natural cure for inflammation, which is what women experience while PMSing. 

This natural pain reliever also helps the body manage with stress and relax muscles. Since period cramps are caused by contractions of the muscle lining of your uterus, CBD can work to bring relief and relax the muscles where you are experiencing cramping or pain. 

Massaging CBD gel or cream on your stomach, breasts or back may help you find pain relief from the discomfort and irritation of your period. Begin using CBD oil or edibles by ingesting it or using it topically with a cream or gel to proactively provide your body with faster acting results. 

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